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James Raine is responsible for the citizenships of a great number of Shirithians past and present. In real life, he works, plans on returning to school in the spring of 2006, and lives with his fiancee Val.


File:The Fax Spectrum.gif
Avatars Past And Present

James Raine originally became a citizen in February of 2002 under the guise of Fax Celestis. Upon joining Shireroth, Fax Celestis was appointed as a Senator for Shireroth in the mega-nation Tymaria, as well as appointed to be the Minister of Military Affairs. Mostly he screwed around at that point, even taking a brief stint as Antimortis. Later, he became involved in the affairs of the Free Territories, and founded Delvenus under the guise of Fax Malysus. Several new Shirithians were brought in by James Raine at this point, including Eros Darkstar, Stone Jackabar, and Jadie of Goldshire. He left for a short while, due to lack of a decent internet connection and plain boredom. Delvenus fell into disrepair, and Tymaria collapsed. James Raine later returned and became the Head Priest of the Cedrist God Horjin. Associated with this was the seat of Count of the Isle of Naudia'Diva. He built an entire religion out of it, and Horjinism is the most prevalent sect of Cedrism at this time. Soon after his return, he became Baron of Naudia'Diva, and shortly after became Duke of Brookshire. He currently serves as Duke of Brookshire, the [[Minister of Immigration and Naturalization]], High Priest of Horjin, and on the Imperial Advisory Council. James Raine has had many guises while within the micronational world, up to and including the following: Fax Celestis, Fax Celestis II, Fax Malysus, Fax Machinus, Fax Humanus, Fax Medicis, Fax Nemesis, Antimortis, Antimortis II, Shasta Rana Wanderlust, Xochitl Aivan, Mezzastromix, Kaiser Mog I, Kaiser Lacrymosa I, and [[Kaiser Lacrymosa II]].

Micronational Guises Past And Present

Fax Celestis

The first and most frequently-used pseudonym for James Raine. It translates into "Divine fire of the divine ones" in Latin, but more appropriately translates to "meteor." Mostly, it just sounds cool, and has become something of a standard name for James Raine, both in the micronational and macronational worlds. This pseudonym originally had a persona of the warlike hothead who usually fell in with the wrong crowd and wanted things done his way or no way. Eventually, it lost the persona and became James Raine's primary login. It fell by the wayside for a while, as ezBoard corrupted his login. Now it is back in full force, and is the only login currently being used by James Raine.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Ari 0
Ruling Steward of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by
Kaiser Mors I

Fax Celestis II

Theoretically the "son" of Fax Celestis, this pseudonym for James Raine originally had the same persona as Fax Celestis. More interesting is how this login actually came into being: James Raine's primary login (Fax Celestis) became corrupted by ezBoard and was unusable. Still wanting to participate, James Raine wrangled up a story about how Fax Celestis had died and his son, Fax Celestis II, would be taking his place. Eventually, the Fax Celestis login was repaired (quite a great deal of time later, actually) and James Raine stopped using the Shasta Rana Wanderlust login in favor of the original Fax Celestis.

Fax Malysus

The second-most frequently used pseudonym for James Raine. This one's persona was to be an intelligent peacemaker who worked to solve inter-micro-national tensions. He eventually founded both Delvenus and the [[Neutral Expressed Word Service]] (NEWS), became a reporter and vanished. He returned viciously later, attempting to reclaim Delvenus' forums and found the Foundation at Xandelare, an egomaniacal shogunate that got nowhere. It did, however, force the current administration of Delvenus to move to a new board, in one of the most impressive displays of patriotism in micronational history.

Fax Machinus

More a joke than anything, this login was used during Menelmacar's Switching Day by James Raine, because he missed the sign-up but still wanted to participate. So he imitated himself.

Fax Humanus

Fax Humanus was a corporate broker that started the First Bank of Delvenus. Unfortunately, the global economy was unfunctioning at that point, and little to nothing happened with it. His avatar is a creature called an Efelny, a weird cat-like cute creature similar to a moogle, but less copyrighted. This persona was also relatively short-lived, as it's entire personality was based around a non-existent economy. Perhaps a budding economy would bring back this relic.

Fax Medicis

This "kindly-old-man" login was supposed to come back and revive the dying Delvenus, but accomplished little to nothing. It didn't even get an avatar.

Fax Nemesis

Fax Nemesis was the pseudonym used by James Raine before and after his brief stint as Kaiser Mog I, but before the fall of Menelmacar. This persona was a researcher and pilot, and much of Shireroth's military research in the Einhänder and Mobile Weapons Platform fields took place directly through him. James Raine actually dropped Shirithian citizenship for a short time before retiring from micronations, as he was over the [[Tri Citizenship]] limit. He also used the Xochitl Aivan account during this period, fooling an unidentified Atteran into thinking that he was (a) actually a girl; and (b) flirting with him, despite already having a proclaimed boyfriend (James Raine). Impressed with this, the Atterans let James Raine into their state, but he lost interest with micronations in general soon after and retired from micronations for a few months, only to return later as Shasta Rana Wanderlust.


An annoying pseudonym, whose entire purpose was to piss everyone off. Particularly Kaiser Mors I. The login was supposed to be something of a "Who-Is-This?", except everyone knew it was James Raine for two reasons: (a) he insulted everyone except himself; and (b) used artwork from the same artist for his avatar. And for clarification: James Raine didn't really hate anyone, he was just frustrated and wanted to cause a stir. Just like these days, except less frustration and more stirring. He's learned in the meantime.

Antimortis II

This login "terrorized" Kaiser Mors II (mildly, anyway) during his reign, acting as a political pundit and general annoyance, as is James Raine's wont every once in a while.

Shasta Rana Wanderlust

The second richest man during the mercantilist economy set up by Austi Scot, this persona created KSHR (Revolution Radio), a radio station for Shirithian news. Revolution Theater was also started and held by James Raine, subsidizing the theater in Lunaris for a short time. Unfortunately, like all micronational economies, Austi's turned sour and James Raine was left equal with everyone else once again. The Ministry of Military Affair's recently-created DoRC also saw a great deal of activity under this login, as the Einhänder and Mobile Weapons Platform projects saw much work and actual upload of data, even generating enough interest to have older (and in some cases, foreign) designs submitted to their files.

Xochitl Aivan


Micronational Accomplishments

Many of James Raine's micronational accomplishments have fallen by the wayside, but they include the following:

  1. Foundation of Delvenus
  2. Founding of the Neutral Expressed Word Service (NEWS)
  3. Creation and fleshing out of the Hunters of the Stag
  4. Creation of the high-potential, low-yield Living City Project
  5. Enticing enough citizens in for an award to be created: the Celestis Award
  6. Winning said Celestis Award
  7. Creation of the Implied Summons Bill
  8. Creation of the Voting Freeze Amendment
  9. Awarded the Order of the Dragon for additions to Shirithian culture, religion, and to the ShireWiki
  10. Current Projects: Tourism and the Children of Mors

Micronational Positions Held

  1. Kaiser of Shireroth on three separate occasions
  2. Duke of both Kildare and Brookshire
  3. Count (and later, Baron) of the Isle of Naudia'Diva
  4. Minister of Military Affairs on two separate occasions
  5. Minister of Immigration and Naturalization on two separate occasions
  6. Member of the Imperial Advisory Council
  7. Head of JASO/ASTRO/DoRC
  8. Dean of the Sir John Metzler III University
  9. Solomirathius of Delvenus
  10. Prefect of Immigration in Menelmacar


AIM: FaxCelestis

E-Mail: shasta#shireroth,org