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Jack is a Dutch interactive geofictionalist. After having founded the micronation of Castrigia in 2006, he arrived in the Micras sector in Batavia around 2008, but didn't hang around long. Returned in 2012 and now seems unable to leave. Known as notoriously difficult and slightly unpredictable, but in the end he just wants to play the game and enjoy himself.


Current Citizenships

Former Citzenships

Constitution of the Northern Commonwealth of Greater Cimmeria and Kiladôr.


The Realms of the North, forged together in an inseperable bond of history, sacred customs, ancient religions, the Northern race and the spirit of the people. Through the frozen flames of ice and the light of the Phoenix forest, by innovation, endurance and strength, together standing. In that Northern spirit that has made us stand out among the nations, distilled in the principles of Verionism. Hold themselves united as a free and distinct Northern Commonwealth in the Elwynnese Republic.

Article I: The Commonwealth

Section I: Principles of Foundation

  1. The Northern Commonwealth of Greater Cimmeria and Kiladôr, short: Northern Commonwealth, is an autonomous Republic in the Elwynnese Nation, subject to the Constitution of Elwynn and sovereign and independent in all other matters.
  2. Verionism is the foundational ideology of the Northern Commonwealth, and the principles of Verionism shall be the basis for its governance and laws.
  3. The Northern Commonwealth comprises two provinces: The County of Greater Cimmeria and the Lands of Kiladôr.
  4. All citizens of the Northern Commonwealth are endowed with inalienable natural rights. The right to life, property, liberty and security. The Government of the Northen Commonwealth shall have the solemn duty of safeguarding these rights.

Article II: Government

Section I: The Executive

  1. The Executive power of the Northern Commonwealth is vested in the Conducător.
  2. The Conducător exercises his authority by Decree.
  3. The Conducător appoints their own successor. In case of death of incapacitation without a designated successor, the Northern Congress elects a successor by simple majority.
  4. The Conducător shall govern in accordance with the Constitution of Elwynn, the Constitution of the Northern Commonwealth and the principles of Verionism.
  5. A Council of Advisors may be assembled by the Conducător, the Conducător may delegate any task and power to members of the Council of Advisors.

Section II: The Northern Congress

  1. The Northern Congress is the legislative body of the Northern Commonwealth.
  2. The purpose of the Northern Congress is to represent the constituent Bailiwicks of the Northern Commonwealth.
  3. Each Bailiwick appoints its members to the Northern Congress as stipulated in the way they deem appropriate.
  4. The Northern Congress may adopt laws by simple majority.

Article III: Constituent subdivisions

Section I: The Two Realms

  1. The County of Greater Cimmeria and the Lands of Kiladôr are the two equal realms that comprise the Northern Commonwealth.
  2. The Conducător of the Northern Commonwealth serves as Count of Greater Cimmeria and Lord of Kiladôr.

Section II: Greater Cimmeria

  1. Greater Cimmeria comprises the ancient lands of Cimmeria, Illumination, Iserdia and Raikoth. It shall safeguard their ancient cultures and traditions.
  2. The motto of Greater Cimmeria shall be "The Land of Ice and Fire".

Section III: The Lands of Kiladôr

  1. The Lands of Kiladôr comprises the ancient lands of Fieldburg and Wintergleam.
  2. The motto of Kiladôr shall be "The Cradle of Verionism".

Article IV: Other Provisions

Section I: The Three Pillars

  1. Verionism is the leading ideology of the Northern Commonwealth. It is the First Pillar on which the Commonwealth is grounded.
  2. The House of Verion, originating in the holy lands of Illumination, has an eternal bond with the lands of the Commonwealth and is the Second Pillar of the Northern Commonwealth.
  3. The Iron Company, being the primary source of wealth and employment for the people of the North, is the Third Pillar of the Commonwealth.

Section II: Amendments to the Constitution

  1. Only the Conducător of the Northern Commonwealth may alter or amend this Constitution.


Members of the First Expedition

Flag Country Name Role
Kasterburg flag.png
Los Liberados flag.png