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See also Alexandretta

Irenaea, until 1687 known as Alexandretta (Præta Alixandrit) is a major city and centre in the county of Alexandretta, Guttuli Protectorate, located on the right (west) bank of the River Elwynn. In the years 1671–1687 it was adiministered by the Guttuli Protectorate, before returning to imperial loyalty in 1687. During its time in the break-away vulture state, its ancient city center, the Kraln, was used by the foreign affairs directorate of the Protectorate government, including to house and entertain foreign dignitaries, industrialists, and sympathizers. It is presently being used to imprison many of the surviving figures in the criminal regime as they await trial and execution.

Founded by Kaiser Marcus I (338–360 AN) sometime during his reign and named after his dynastic house, the imperial bloodline of Alexander.

In 1688 AN, following much of the city's desolation, it was renamed to Irenaea, in honor of the Kaiseress, and granted as a settlement area for Antican refugees fleeing from Krasnocoria.