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Investment Commission of the Wechua Nation

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The Investment Commission of the Wechua Nation (ICWN) is a three-member commission set up in the Minister for Finance, Business, and Commerce in 1673 AN by the Government of the Wechua Nation. It forms part of the Wechua Planning Commission and provides key input into the formulation of the Wechua Five-Year Plans. Mr. Suri Choque is Chairman, with Mr. Michik Llactahuaman Qori and Dra. Mayua Cusi Ccora as current members.




The Investment Commission has been set up to enhance and facilitate investment in the Wechua Nation. The Commission makes recommendations to the Government on policies and procedures to facilitate investment, recommends projects and investment proposals that should be fast-tracked or mentored and promotes the Wechua Nation as an investment destination.

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