International Union of Conservatives

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International Union of Conservatives
Party logo
Leader Central Committee
Founded 1683 AN
Headquarters Northcliff, Florian Republic
Political ideology
Political position Centre-right
Colours Blue

Member Parties

Full members

Flag Country Party name Representative in the Central Committee Government Date joined
National Representatives
Alduria flag.png Alduria Aldurian National Alliance Ignacio Perez (interim leader) in opposition 1670
94 / 343
(Parliament of Alduria)
Florian Republic flag.png Florian Republic United National Party of the Republic Anthony Kelly in government 1683
163 / 300
(House of representatives)
Francia flag.png Frankish Empire Konservative Historische Partei Augustin Prager in government 1683
385 / 738
Sanama flag.png Sanama Sanaman National Party Yon Qusen in government 1683
112 / 639