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Intercontinental Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2019
Inaugural season 2019–2020
No. of teams 32
Nation(s) Florian Republic
TV partner(s) Red Sports (Florian Republic)
Sports World (International)
PRF 1 (Freeland)
B-TV (selected Otaq Aliens matches)
Level on pyramid 1

The Intercontinental Hockey League (ICHL;Alexandrian:Ligue de hockey intercontiental) is a professional ice hockey league operating in Apollonia, Cibola, Keltia and Benacia comprising of 32 teams: 23 from the Florian Republic, 4 in Freeland and 1 from Birgeshir, Talenore, Sanama,Ransenar and Florian Eura. The league is the successor of the Florian Hockey League the former top-flight ice hockey competition in the Florian Republic. Currently, the largest and joint most popular ice hockey league on Micras, the winner of the Intercontinental Hockey League is awarded the Farrar Cup annually and the highest ranked Florian side will be declared Champion of Floria. The regular season champion is given the Presidents Shield. The Farrar Cup is considered one of the most important ice hockey championships available to the sport alongside the MHL World Championships and Micras Champions' Hockey League.



The thirty-two teams are split into two conferences and in these conferences, both are split into two divisions of 8 teams. Teams play an 84-game season, 42 each of home and away. Teams in the ICHL play sixteen more games than the teams playing in the MEHL. Teams play four games against teams in their division, 3 games against non-divisional conference teams and 2 games against inter-conference teams.


The Intercontinental Hockey League adopt rules slightly different from the ones set by the MHL. The main differences being a smaller rink (60m by 28m) and operation of overtime in where teams will play one 10 minute period of 3-on-3. If there is no winner after that, a five-shot shootout will commence deciding the winner.

Season Structure

The Intercontinental Hockey League is divided into a regular season and a postseason playoff competition, the Farrar Cup. The league's regular season standings are based on a point system. Three points are awarded for a win, two points for winning in overtime or a shootout, one point for losing in overtime or a shootout, and zero points for a loss in regulation. At the end of the regular season, the highest placed team with the most points is given the Presidents Shield.

Entry Draft

The Intercontinental Hockey League operates an Entry Draft each season for clubs to acquire new players. In the draft, all thirty-two franchises in three rounds select from two pools of players, one pool being Florian players and the other 'International' players where players from all MHL member nations are eligible to be entered to, the majority of which are from ICHL countries.


Club Founded City Arena(s) Capacity Division Conference
sanama Fatehpur Sikri Buccaneers 2019 Fatehpur Sikri FS Canton Arena 19,000 Farrar Northern
talenore Talenore Pirates 2019 Talenore TalCorp Arena 23,000 Farrar Northern
Northcliff Capitals 2017 Northcliff Florian National Indoor Sports Complex 23,000 Metro Northern
Stonehall Steelers 2017 Stonehall Target Centre 17,500 Central Southern
Newmarsh Hurricanes 2017 Newmarsh Suns Arena 18,055 Metro Northern
Oldhaven Wolfpack [1] 2017 Oldhaven Florian Bank Arena 19,356 Europa Southern
Dragonmoor Thunder 2017 Dragonmoor Florian Airlines Arena 16,500 Europa Southern
Blackoak Blues 2017 Blackoak Blackoak City Arena 15,000 Central Southern
Northcliff Golden Knights 2018 Northcliff FLO Telecom Arena 17,850 Metro Northern
Victoria Predators 2018 Victoria Predator Arena 15,000 Metro Northern
Longsight Jets 2018 Longsight Jets Arena 14,000 Metro Northern
Westlake Kings 2018 Westlake WestBank Arena 16,500 Central Southern
Ostville Blackhawks 2018 Ostville Blackhawk Arena 17,000 Central Southern
freeland HKS Opolla 2018 Opolla Farrar Northern
freeland GKS Viten Vikings 2018 Viten Farrar Northern
Dragonmoor Storm 2018 Dragonmoor Florian Airlines Arena 15,000 Europa Southern
Newhedge Raptors 2018 Newhedge Raptor Arena 16,000 Europa Southern
Northcliff Senators 2018 Northcliff International Centre 23,000 Metro Northern
Dragonmoor All-Golds [2] 2018 Dragonmoor Southland Gov. Centre 17,200 Europa Southern
Havenbarrow Giants 2018 Havenbarrow Giant Step Arena 17,000 Farrar Northern
Etourney Avalanche 2018 Tanbury Tanbury Indoor Arena 7,080 Europa Southern
freeland Pnica Panthers Farrar Northern
freeland KTH Kłomina Farrar Northern
Ransenar Lunaris 2013 Lune Villa Volaticus Figure Skating Rink 12,000 Farrar Northern
Florian Eura Florian Eura Devils 2019 Togofaga Eura Dome 10,500 Central Southern
Northsilver Rangers 2019 Northsilver Leaf Square Garden 18,000 Central Southern
Wolfpine Blizzard 2019 Wolfpine,Northcliff The Shelter 17,000 Metro Northern
Birgeshir Otaq Aliens 2012 Otaq Otaq Buz Pisti 15,000 Europa Southern
RB Las Andreas 2019 Las Andreas Las Andreas Indoor colosseum 19,650 Central Southern
Longsight Flames 2019 Longsight Florian Bank Firedome 19,289 Metro Northern
Birmingham Bombers [3] 2019 Birmingham Central Park 16,000 Central Southern
Port Farrar Pirates 2019 Port Farrar Pirate Bay 15,000 Europa Southern

Former teams

Club Founded City Arena(s) Capacity Disbanded
Meadowedge Lightning 2018 Meadowedge Meadowedge Indoor Arena 15,000 2019
Shirekeep Exiles 2018 Shirekeep 2019


Country Players
Florian Republic Florian Republic 591 76.95
Freeland Freeland 62 8.07
Sanama Sanama 24 3.13
Other 24 3.13
Florian Eura Florian Eura 18 2.34
Shireroth Shireroth 18 2.34
Birgeshir Birgeshir 16 2.08
Etourney Etourney 12 1.56
Mercury Mercury 3 0.39
Total 768 100


Seasons overview

Media coverage

Florian Republic

Broadcasting rights for the league in the Florian Republic are held by Red Sports and Sports World in a deal believed to be around $5.2 billion which will commence in the inaugural season of the league. Coverage by Red Sports and Sports World are in English and coverage in Florian language is covered by both broadcaster's red button service. Red Sports only broadcast matches involving Florian teams and matches involving two teams outside the Florian Republic are not covered on the network. With a noticeable gap in television rights vacant. Newly formed Sports World, a sports broadcasting network mostly dedicated to hockey was launched by a consortium of the league's owners to cover the gap in television broadcasting.


In Birgeshir,the Aliens' matches are commented live on DüňaSpor FM radio station with important Playoffs matches (if any) being broadcasted by B-TV channel while regular season results being visible on the top right of the screen during the broadcast of other programs (as with the other sports).

  1. ^ To relocate to another city yet to be confirmed
  2. ^ To be known as Southland Coyotes from 2020 onwards
  3. ^ To be known as Birmingham Bruins from 2020 onwards