Inner Atos System Survey

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A picture of the planet Eos taken soon after the arrival of the probe IASS-00E1 in orbit around the planet

Originally conceived in 35.19 PSSC, the Inner Atos System Survey is an effort by the New Zimian Space Exploration and Settlement Agency, to map and gather data relating to the five planets of the Inner Atos System.

Ongoing Research

Orbital Observation Program

The flagship operation of the Inner Atos System Survey, the Orbital Observation Program operates unmanned artificial satellites in orbit around each of the planets of the Inner Atos System.

Satellite Information

The IASS-00IM1 probe is designed to orbit the planet Indigo at a distance slightly less than halfway between Indigo and Momiji. The probe is expected to arrive in orbit, in early 40 PSSC.
Satellite Flag Satellite Name Focus Planet Satellite Launch Date Satellite Arrival Date Important Notes/Data Collected
Inner Atos System Survey IASS-00E1 Eos 36/1/35 PSSC 12/1/36 PSSC TBA
- IASS-00M1 Micras TBA TBA N/A
Inner Atos System Survey IASS-00P1 Pyros 36/1/35 PSSC 107/2/37 PSSC TBA
Inner Atos System Survey IASS-00IM1 Indigo and Momiji 36/1/35 PSSC 7/1/40 PSSC TBA