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Dominion of Incontinentia
Flag of Incontinentia
Coat of Arms of Incontinentia
Coat of Arms
Motto: мардлик в цзести
(Latin: mardlic v czesti - Bravery in Honour)
Anthem: The Incontinentian March
Location of Incontinentia
Map versions
Capital Incontinentia City
Largest city Chetgavan
Official language(s) English, Craitish, Incontinentian
Official religion(s)
Demonym Incontinentian
 - Adjective Incontinentian
Government Monarchy with Parliamentary Democracy
 - King Craitman H. Pellegrino
 - Prime Minister Ramazan Tarekseev
 - Legislature The Incontinentian Assembly
Currency Talar
Abbreviation §
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website [1]
National forum [2]
National animal Meerkat
National food Shish kebab
National drink Vodka
National tree Palm tree

Incontinentia (Craitish: Incóntinentija, Incontinentian: инцоняитанцха) is a dominion located in southern Keltia. A dominion of the Kingdom of Craitland, the peninsula exercises greater autonomy in comparison to other Craitish overseas territories, having its own political structure and economic policies. Sharing its eastern border with the Alexandrian territory of Valencia, Incontinentia is known for its rapid development in high-rise building and is quickly becoming one of the most densely populated areas in the region. The territory forms an integral part of the Craitish economy, contributing to 70% of the Kingdom's economic activity.






Despite its small land area, Incontinentia is prominent for its demographically diverse population, with approximately 75,000 people living on the peninsula. The Incontinentian population can trace their heritage to other micronations, partially due to the history of the peninsula as well as the opportunities offered in terms of employment and lifestyle in the dominion.

Ethnically, the majority population are Incontinentians, although sizeable populations of Craitish, Valencian among other ethnic groups are widely recognised within the dominion.

The ethnic breakdown of Incontinentians are as reported from the 2013 census:

35,000 - Ethnic Incontinentian 14,000 - Craitish Incontinentian 7,500 - Mixed Heritage 4,000 - Alexandrian (including Valencians) 3,000 - Craitish (Expatriates) 3,000 - Chinamese, Mai and NSV heritage 2,000 - Taesongean 1,000 - Keltian Islanders 5,500 - Others