Verionist Republic

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Verionist Republic
Flag of Verionist Republic
Coat of Arms of Verionist Republic
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Patientia Vincit Omnia"
Anthem: Verion Hymn
Location of Verionist Republic
Map versions
Capital Chryste
Largest city Zolt, Skyla
Official language(s) Common
Official religion(s) None official, majority Cedrism
Demonym Shirithian
 - Adjective Shirithian
Government Verionist Centralised Republic
  Kaiser of Shireroth Kaiser Verion II
Legislature Landsraad
  First Chancellor Regina Verion
Establishment 1672
Area 51,748 km2
Population 37,287,000
Currency New Erb (€n)
Abbreviation VER
National animal Moose, Dolphin
National drink Treesian Red

The Verionist Republic is an independent nation claiming to be the official successor state of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, but holding effective territorial control only over the Skyla Islands. The nation was established following the Kalirion Fracture which lead to the break up of the Shirithian state. In the chaotic period that followed, the former Prefect of Shirekeep, Titus Morvayne, ascended to the Imperial Throne as Kaiser Verion II, in a contested Landsraad election. Verion II left Shirekeep after a stand-off with Shirekeep Garrison loyal to the designated Kaiseress Salome. The Verionist supporters left for the Skyla Islands, former summer residence of the Kaisers, where they established the Imperial Verionist Republic. The official ideology of the state is Verionism.


Following the downfall of the Shirithian nation, and the power vacuüm that was left after the death of Kaiser Ayreon IV, the city of Shirekeep remained under the tight control of its Prefect, Titus Morvayne, deeming the time ripe for increasing his power, Morvayne had himself elected Kaiser by the Landsraad. Although the City Guard, as well as the Apollonian Guard, supported his claim, he was unable to convince the leadership of the Palatini Corps. This saw Shirekeep being thrown into disarray, with the Imperial Forces located in the Keep containing the Verionists who controlled the largest part of the city. Within the year that followed, Kaiser Verion's supporters left the city. Verion himself moved to the Skyla Islands together with the largest group of his supporters, where he continued his claim on the Imperial Mango Throne.


The Government of the Imperial Verionist Republic closely mirrors the old Shirithian system of intrinsic neo-feudalism. In line with Verionist principles, however, the country is highly centralised and much of the effective power is vested in a small group of people.


The head of state of the Imperial Verionist Republic is the Kaiser who rules by decree. Some executive tasks are delegated to the Ministry of State, that contains the secretariats of the Interior, the Exterior and Trade. The Kaiser also serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Forces. Contrary to the custom in Shireroth, the Kaiser does not appoint a formal successor, but instead leaves this choice to the Landsraad.

Incumbent Kaiser is Verion II, who was elected by the Shirithian Landsraad in Shirekeep. The election, being held at midnight, was however contested by factions loyal to the designated heir Salome, and the Regent.


The Landsraad is the formal legislature of the Imperial Verionist Republic and is an assembly of the High Nobles of Shireroth, as appointed by the Kaiser.