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Imperial State of Constancia/Erebus

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Erebus; a centralised database of prominent Constancians, including Raspurids and various foreign "guests" of the regime, managed by the Office of Strategic Assessments for the Office of Strategic Interests Research Intelligence Service of the State Protection Authority which in turn reports directly to the Chancellery of the Autokrator. Erebus specialises in tracking dynastic, military, political, and corporate personages of especial interest to the regime.

Subject Persons of Interest

Name Position(s)
Abbasi, Amir Ali Imp. Senator (PSC), Chief Executive (Road Hauliers Transport Association (ESB)), Director (Cario Entertainment Corporation)
Aguilar, Esmeralda Antinavarchos (ICAF), Director Euran Directorate (ESB), Director (Cario Entertainments Corporation), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Aguilar, Primo de Prince of Molivadia, Autokrator, Kanikleios, Archistrátigos (ICAF), Kyvernítis (Basileusian Bank)
Albani, Ferdinando Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Aleqzandermes, Dzhak Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Allus-Zhayatar (f.), Madani Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Allus, Eskander Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Aloisi, Valter Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Amfilus, Lor Imp. Senator (PSC)
Arnhus, Zenaida Minister for Education
Arrānāni, Malik Sepahbod - General Service Corps (Trans-Euran Command), Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Arslan, Ismail Sarlashkar (ICAF), Raspurid
Avagyan, Yusif Shahrokh Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Baghaii, Parsa Director (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), ESB, Raspurid
Bagherzadeh, Anooshirvan Director Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia (ESB)
Bagration, Spiridon Minister of the Imperial Court
Carstens, Eliza Director Tarjeisson Complex Marriage Trust (ESB), Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-fmr Elwynn)
Cleo Basileusea (Royal House of Welleys)
Constantin, Abram Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Davtyan, Keghart Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Dekalion, Ahmeras Minister for Budget and Management
Demetria, Athanasia Fmr. Imp. Senator (PSC), Fmr. Foreign Minister, protective custody 1671
Demopoulou, Sapphira Minister of the Interior and Local Government
Dravot, Sarah Imp. Senator (PSC), Chairman (ESB, N&H)
Erfan Rostami, Hovo Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Farzan, Tahmasp Sarlashkar (ICAF), Raspurid
Funar, Cassianus Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Gelashvili, Vahagn Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Gianakos, Sebastiano Imp. Senator (PSC), Director (Cario Entertainment Corporation)
Glas, Claus Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Grobba, Joachim Commander Jagdverbände Grobba (ESB)
Hendriksson, Garvin Imp. Senator (PSC), Executive Secretary & Chief of Staff & Director Financial & Legal Services & Benacian Directorate (ESB)
Hosiahrion, Daniel Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Hovanesian, Aslan Abolfazl Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Hoveida, Alam Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Humphrey, Michael Director Apollonian Operations (ESB)
Ignjatović, Gavrilo Imp. Senator (PSC), Director (Cario Entertainment Corporation)
Ismachiah, Enoch Director Haifa Trading Group (ESB Keltia)
Kalfas, Erasmus Imp. Senator (PSC), Director (Cario Entertainment Corporation, Mitra Corporation)
Kaljurand, Viljo Imp. Senator (PSC), Minister for Reconstruction and Infrastructure, Chief Executive (Atacama Corporation)
Kalkul (Goatmilk, Cal) Resident Kalgachi Guest (OIEC, Gainshare Capital Holdings)
Kashkouli, Zari Director (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), ESB, Raspurid
Kaveh, Garshāsp Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Kerularios, Maximinus Imp. Senator (PSC)
Kevorkian, Golzar Khajag Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Khosravi, Manouchehr Director (Cario Entertainments Corporation)
Koeppen, Matthäus Imp. Senator (PSC), Director (Cario Entertainments Corporation, Oranjesion Private Equity Capital)
Kostas, Soterios Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Minister of Defence
Kostopoulou, Theodora Imp. Senator (PSC), Minister for Housing, Resettlement and Social Welfare
Kriezis, Alexandros Minister for Civil Defence
Kupras, Guglimundo Minister of Munitions and Military Logistics
Kuroumboulis, Cifras Minister for Transportation
Lakksim, Theodosious Minister for Information and Communications
Laskaris, Alexandrukas Imp. Senator (PSC), Chief Executive (Constancian Commercial Exchange Corporation), Director (Basileusan Bank)
Leventi, Theresa Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Chief Executive (Cario Entertainment Corporation)
Maniakes, Geórgios Stratárchis (ICAF), Imp. Senator (PSC), Supreme Commander (Trans-Euran Theatre), Civil Administrator (Raspur)
Marinakis, Apolyon Minister of Maritime
Marozzi (f.), Thérèse Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Massanauzzi, Kali Director (South Sea (Ura'Bos) Company Ltd) (ESB)
Matthäus, Koeppen Director (Oranjesion Private Equity Capital) (CCEC)
Mengkul (Prattaya, Meng) Chairwoman (Prattaya Engineering Solutions), Kul of the Permanent Standing Committee
Merrick, Horsten Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Merrick, Isabella Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Merrick, Royston II Director Keltian Operations & Inspector-at-Large (ESB)
Mihran, Abbas Sarlashkar (ICAF), Raspurid
Mirkdale, Augustus Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Mitra, Safi Sarlashkar (ICAF), Governor Mitra Province, Raspurid
Mofid, Ira Director (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), ESB, Raspurid
Moor (f.), Clarissa Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Moor (f.), Henrietta Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Moudros, Konstantin Yponavarchos (ICAF), Deputy Commander Aqabah Regional Command (Trans-Euran Theatre)
Muraro, Claudio Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Nassirian, Mansour Director Gainshare Capital Holdings (ESB)
Natanion, Anreas Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Nicolai, Stepan Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Nikolaides, Hercules Imp. Senator (PSC), Minister for Youth
Olympia Princess of Nivardom (Royal House of Welleys), Imp. Senator (PSC)
Osman (f.), Nilufar Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman (f.), Samira Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman, Adam Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman, Aurangzeb Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman, Azardokht Imp. Senator (PSC), Foreign Minister, Director (ESB Financial Services of Raspur (ESB), Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), Grand Vizier (Raspur), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman, Daniyal Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee, Raspurid (House of Osman)
Osman, Kūruš Artashata Khanzada (Raspur) (House of Osman)
Osman, Tahmaseb II Khan (Raspur) (House of Osman)
Osman, Timūr Director of Security (ESB), Raspurid (House of Osman)
Pachis, Aniketos Superintendent of Works in Bandar-e Saghi (Ministry for Reconstruction and Infrastructure)
Panagopoulou, Mirrita Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Minister of Energy
Pandes, Andrea Minister for Public Health
Papadakis, Antares Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Minister for Veterans
Parastui, Soheil Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Chief Executive (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), Director Cario Entertainments Corporation,)
Pasternak, Klaus Secretary to the Board of Directors & Deputy Director of the Directorate of Security (ESB)
Paxos, Alexios Minister for Molivadia
Petride, Theresa Director (Constancian Commercial Exchange Corporation)
Petros III Basileus (Royal House of Welleys)
Podesta, Kalyar Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation
Prattaya, Cheunpi (decd) Fmr. Chairman (Prattaya Engineering Solutions) (naturalised Jing). Executed 25.XIV.1670
Rai-El, Yaqov Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Raktivan, Elutherios Minister of Justice and Immigration
Rayegan, Fariborz Director (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation), ESB, Raspurid
Radenos, Ioannes Archiploiarchos, Commander of the 1st Flotilla, Military Governor of Arak
Rossou, Aretina Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Minister for Women
Rukovodna (f.), Sabine Erika Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Salieri, Emiliano Imp. Senator (PSC)
Sarkis, Sebastiano Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Director (Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation) (ESB)
Sarkissian, Shapur Vardan Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Scholl, Heinrich Minister for Labour and Employment
Schönbeck, Dietmar Imp. Senator (PSC), Director Banca Credito Commercio Immobiliare (CCEC)
Schuchert, Klemens Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Seydlitz, Gerhardt Eugen Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Caputian)
Simrani (f.), Madani Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee (ex-Modan)
Simrani-Kalirion, Daniyal II Councillor (Molivadia), Chairman Emeritus & Director Tarjeisson Trust (ESB), Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee, Revenant
Simrani-Kalirion, Isabella (decd) Director Tapfirite Operations (ESB), Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation)
Souvlakis, Mikhail Minister of Finance and International Trade and Industry
Stavridis, Nikola Mesazon, Imp. Senator (PSC)
Stavros, Dmitri Imp. Senator (PSC)
Taardoheqoorormes, Tshohgal Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Tadić, Slavko Imp. Senator (PSC), Chief Executive (Zjandarian Railway Construction and Development Corporation)
Taylor-Citron, Carl Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Tetcher, Baliq Buerda Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Themistoklis, Stefanos Minister for Aqabah
Thesalonikis, Demetrios Imp. Senator (PSC), Sepahbod (ICAF), Governor of Aqabah, Commander Aqabah Regional Command (Trans-Euran Theatre)
Toloni, Engelbert Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Tzimiskes, Basil Speaker, Imp. Senator (PSC)
Valerio, Hariwald Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Varaz, Farrokh Sarlashkar (ICAF), Governor Varaz Province, Raspurid
Vasilescu, Agilulf Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Vermakcilliers, Kristiaan Imp. Senator (PSC), Director (Shadow Company Security Risk Consultants, Cario Entertainments Corporation)
Vilyamion, Daniel Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Vladimorvna (f.), Novichoka Shareholder (Androphagos Corporation), Asylee
Vlahakis, Acastus Imp. Senator (PSC)
Vlahos, Spyridon Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Shirekeep
Welleys, Constantine Minister of the Imperial Household
Zjandar, Piruz Khosrow Sarlashkar (ICAF), Raspurid
Zurlos-Castellanos, Ambrose Imp. Senator (Synkletos), Director (Cario Entertainments Corporation)

Outlander Persons of Interest in the Euran Sphere

Name Nationality Notes Standing Orders
. . . .