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The Imperial Peerage constitutes the highest form of nobility in Shireroth and comes with a unique title of nobility. The absolute majority, more than 99%, of all nobles in Shireroth have no title of nobility, only degree and dignity of nobility.


Unless otherwise specified in the imperial decree creating the title, or in subsequent imperial decrees, succession to an imperial title of nobility is done by basis of primogeniture, where:

  • only a legitimate descendant (i.e. the birth child of a married couple, or having lived with the parent in question for at least 10 years if adopted or illegitimate at birth)
  • older siblings (and their descendants) have preference over younger siblings (and their descendants)
  • descendants of an equal marriage have preference over descendants of an unequal marriage
  • upon succession to the title, one becomes a Shirerithian citizen with all its obligations and rights; if one does not accept those, the title will pass to the next eligible person on the line of succession to that title.

Some imperial decrees specify other requirements for succession, and in those cases, those rules shall govern the succession for that particular title.



Historically, up and to the end of the 16th century, the earliest form of the Imperial Peerage had 4 ranks,

  1. Kaiser or Kaiseress
  2. Duke or Duchess (Dutch or Dutchess in the case of Kildare)
  3. Baron or Baroness
  4. Count or Countess

Note the unique order where baron outranked the count. The legal spouse of a title-holder was allowed to use the corresponding title as consort, for example, the wife of a count was allowed to call herself countess, and the husband of a Duchess a Duke. Legally such titles were affixed "Consort", but rarely done so outside the most formal occasions.

Since the beginning of the 17th century, movements began toward the modern system.

Until 1664, when the imperial states were destroyed, there was a parallel system of peerage in many of the imperial states. Such titles of nobility were recognized and given the equivalent laud and honour as their imperial counterparts. So a count under the peerage of Goldshire was equal in rank to the count in the imperial peerage. Upon the destruction of the imperial states, the non-imperial titles ceased to be, with a few of these becoming "imperialized", that is, legitimized as part of the Imperial Peerage.

List of Imperial Peers

Rank Title Holder Established
1.00 The Kaiseress Kaiseress Salome 79
1.20 Imperial Mother Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni 1650
1.50 Imperial Consort Dowager Nathan II 1588 Dignity of emperor in his own right
2.01 Imperial Princess of Shireroth
Emira of Sathrati
Salome Ylva Octavia 1662 Title-holder holds higher rank
2.02 Prince of Shireroth Ari Kaukainen 1504
2.03 Prince of Shireroth Raynor Jacobus Loki 1633
2.04 Prince of Shireroth Zahir al Din 1648
2.05 Prince of Shireroth Lord David 1657
2.06 Princess of Shireroth Lady Abigail 1662
2.07 Prince of Shireroth Kir Azariah Vidar 1667
2.08 Princess of Shireroth Kian Aiomide Shahnaz 1667
2.09 Prince of Shireroth Rubin Leonid Orientalis 1672
2.10 Prince of Shireroth Utas Enrique Naian 1683
2.11 Prophet of Cedrism Brrapa Lu'Eraro 1465 princely rank (service)
3.01 Duchess of Brookshire Salome Ylva Octavia 1451 Title-holder holds higher rank
3.02 Duchess of Goldshire Anna Nur Pinito Caprici 1451
3.03 Duke of Calezi Extinct 1667 1661 Last held by Hartmut Aldric
3.04 Duke of Modan and Malarboria Nathan Aharsi 1668 Title-holder holds higher rank
3.05 Duke of Demonsfall Nathan III 1670
3.06 Duke of Brandenburg Suppressed 1678 1671 Last held by Arkadius IV of Batavia
Suppressed 1678 due to waging war against Shireroth
4.00 Marquess of Shirekeep Vacant 1557 created by Duke of Brookshire for Steward of Brookshire,
transferred by Kaiser to Steward, fallen out of use
4.01 Marchioness of Zy-Rodun Kaiseress Salome 1620 Title-holder holds higher rank
4.02 Marquise of Musica Gošenei Uarpxu 1661 First created for Altea Lomax (suppressed 1663), restored in 1688 for Gošenei Uarpxu
4.03 Marquess of Sentratera Zahir al Din 1661 Title-holder holds higher rank
4.04 Marchioness of Sentratera Li Naomiai Avon-El 1661
4.05 Marquis of Overmark Ahim Dźasbatyqu 1688
4.06 Marquis of the Eldars Idar Daġededqu 1688
5.01 Count Palatine of Kezan Soraya II Octavius-Parini 1606 chosen from and by House Octavius
highest rank among the counts
5.02 Count of Yardistan Suppressed (1693) 1451 Held by Prince Kir until 1693
5.03 King-Count of Hawshire-Dura Extinct 1559 comital rank
5.04 Steward-Count of Hawshire Extinct 1592
5.05 Count of Furniture Ari Kaukainen 1594 Title-holder holds higher rank
5.05 Countess of the Skyla Isles Extinct 1661 1608 Last held by Margana Win'Eth
5.06 Count Bukolos Shyriath Bukolos's eldest child 1622 Last held by Shyriath Bukolos, succession unconfirmed by Imperial Government due to lack of documentation of Shyriath's heirs.
5.07 Countess of Cimmeria and Illumination Suppressed 1672 1633 Title originally created by King Noah in Elwynn
Imperialized in 1668
Suppressed in 1672 due to Elwynnese objections.
Last held by Eki Verion
5.08 Count Brassica Xantus Albedevich Zmeysyn Yastreb 1643 Estates sequestered by the Imperial Crown until Count Brassica tenders formal submission. Likely to be a very long wait.
5.09 Count of Kaltor Extinct 1671 1645 Last held by Kaiser Ayreon IV
5.10 Countess of Shirekeep Mira (III) Octavius-Aryani 1661
5.11 Count of Erudition Daniyal ibn Daniyal 1661
5.12 Count of Machinaria Tinker Sprocket 1661
5.13 Count of Fieldburg Suppressed 1672 1669 Suppressed during the Kalirion Fracture,
last held by Stephen Lewis
5.14 Countess of Elsenar Suppressed 1672 1669 Suppressed during the Kalirion Fracture,
last held by Regina Verion
5.15 Count Pasdaran Mahmood Sadri 1670
5.16 Countess of Iserdia Suppressed 1672 1671 Suppressed in 1672 due to Elwynnese objections over the title.
Last held by Vadoma Rowena Waffel-Paine
5.17 Countess of Amity Renounced 1687 1673  Last held by Kian Aiomide Shahnaz
5.17 Count of Mirioth Renounced 1687 1673  Renounced 1687, last held by Rubin Leonid Orientalis
5.18 Count Palatine of Mirioth and Amity Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman 1687 
5.19 Count of Woodshire Chrysostom Wythe 1688 
5.20 Countess of Schwinn Evgeniya Sotnikova 1688 
5.21 Count of the Isen Hills Matti Pshevunin 1688 
5.22 Count of Lowbrook Lyn Ityqu 1688 
5.23 Count of Sentris Selmen Dengiqu 1688 
5.24 Count of the Evensong Cathal Nellisco 1688 
5.25 Count of Eth Lune Kyt Tḥak'ušynin 1688 
5.26 Count of Riß and the Isles Wadzym Gireiqu 1688 
6.00 Viscount Verion Extinct 1622 Life peerage,
last held by Jacob Verion
6.00 Viscount Redquill Suppressed 1672 1639 Last held by Ryker Everstone.
Suppressed for title-holder's secessionism
6.02 Viscount Myn Tanilo Nakita Nur Pinito 1645
6.03 Viscount Kern Benjamin Kern 1649
6.04 Viscount Vigeland Suppressed 1689 1654 Last held by Marcus Myksos, caste-shamed.
6.05 Viscountess Dragonmoor Extinct 1661 1655 Last held by Juana Beazcoetxea
6.06 Viscount Sprocket of Machina Tinker Sprocket 1659 Title-holder holds higher rank
6.07 Viscountess Montrano Soraya Octavius-Parini 1661 Title-holder holds higher rank
6.08 Viscount Belledin Suppressed 1663 1661 Last held by Heath Belledin
6.09 Viscount Verion of Cherokee Suppressed 1672 1661 Suppressed during the Kalirion Fracture,
last held by Michael Verion
6.10 Viscount of Saint Zor Suppressed 1672 1664 Suppressed during the Kalirion Fracture,
last held by Titus Morvayne
6.11 Viscount Cherokee Marcus Marenai-Eqlarion 1664 Suppressed 1665-1669.
6.12 Viscount Drakland Nathan II 1670 Baron Drakland (1670)
automatically raised to Viscount Drakland 1675
Title-holder holds higher rank
6.13 Viscount Sadri of Pasdaran Mahmood Sadri 1665 Title-holder holds higher rank
6.14 Viscount of Thracistan Renounced 1678 1670 Last held by: Alperen Gazi
6.15 Viscountess Frieden Suppressed 1672 1671 Suppressed in 1672 due to Elwynnese objections over the title.
Last held by Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine
6.16 Viscount Glenfiddich Suppressed 1672 1671 Suppressed in 1672 due to Elwynnese objections over the title.
Last held by John Hilding Waffel-Paine
6.17 Viscount Holly-Wythe Chrysostom Wythe 1671
6.18 Viscount Thalva Łudo Thalva 1674
6.19 Viscountess of Hope Evgeniya Sotnikova 1674
6.20 Viscount Pshevunin Matti Pshevunin 1674
6.21 Viscountess Morgenstern Sara bi Rathak 1674
6.22 Viscount Zelteġwebze Selmen Dengiqu 1674
6.23 Viscountess of Irenaea Liese Aethonia 1688
6.24 Viscount of Gaton Admir bi Łestkin 1688
6.25 Viscount of Ankh Daute Idarqu 1688
6.26 Viscount of Mesior Aloys Serratus 1688
6.27 Viscountess of Lumenetra Esmeralda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar 1688
6.28 Viscountess of Novosorensk Ariane Ischyria Teleniis 1688
6.22 Viscountess of Kelb Mila Tupschina 1688
6.22 Viscount of Solaris Cassian Holly-Wythe 1688
7.00 Lord in Shirekeep Jeremy Archer 1646
7.01 Lord in Shirekeep Benjamin Kern 1646 Title-holder holds higher rank
7.02 Lady in Shirekeep Evgeniya Sotnikova 1666 Title-holder holds higher rank
7.03 Lady in Shirekeep Leila Mehraban 1669
8.01 Baron Froyalan Suppressed 1651 1621 Last held by Harald of Ettlingar Freyu
Suppressed during the Auspicious Occasion
8.02 Baron Mahamantotarebadum Suppressed 1645 1621 Suppressed due to rebellion
Last holder Trajan Myksos
8.03 Baron Vigeland Marcus Myksos 1621 Suppressed 1645–1651
raised to Viscount Vigeland in 1654
8.04 Baron Mirkdale Presumed extinct 1621 Last held by Lord Erion
8.05 Baron San Juan Francis Joseph Carillo 1646
8.06 Baron Blakeslee of Barrowfield George Blakeslee 1661
8.07 Baron Skuryov of Highbloom P. N. Skuryov 1661
8.08 Baron Mondo of Lichport Mondo Etzeterra 1661
8.09 Baron Belledin Heath Belledin 1663
8.10 Baroness Tarkyr Altea Lomax 1663
8.11 Baron of Inner Benacia Pśymyd Tyiim Teźśecaqwhemće 1667
8.12 Baroness Milharna Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra 1670
8.13 Baroness Kessei Kessei Aþame Mitēuřamae Anykylin Imar 1670
8.14 Baron Nerrolar Mors Nerrolar 1670
8.15 Baron Ashura of Zy-Rodun Ašúra Ilāþriái Danīel Maìaqa 1670
8.16 Baroness Drakland Raised 1670 Automatically raised to Viscount Drakland in 1675
9.01 Untitled Nobles