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The Imperial Democratic Party of Constancia, also known colloquially as the Imp-Dems, is an Constancian Aldricist national-liberal party taking ideological inspiration from the Elwynnese branches of Shireroth's Imperial Democratic Party. The party currently (1683 AN) has members in the Imperial Synklētos.

The current leader of the party, Theodoros Tzimeros,

The party platfrom

The Imperial Democratic Party of Constancia is a member of the international organization for Aldricist parties, the Aldricist and Neoliberal Conference, and have very close strategic partnerships and political alliances with the Imperial Democratic Party in Ransenar and Shireroth. In the Imperial Synklētos, it usually cooperates with the Nationalist and Humanist Party.



The official party ideology has historically included a strong ideological commitment to a mixed economy, with support for comprehensive but market-based welfare state programs, as established by the governing philosophy and policies of Hartmut Aldric, Duke of Calezi, Regent and Steward of Shireroth.

The party traditionally supports free markets, favors privatization, greater economic deregulation, and lowering tax rates on individuals, families, and small businesses. Other issues emphasized by the party are such as actions against violent crime and sex crime, increasing and promoting the value of working, investing in infrastructure, and increasing quality in education.

Foreign policy


Main article: Aldricism

Aldricism is a conservative-liberal political ideology, originally defined by the politician and statesman Hartmut Aldric, Duke of Calezi, Regent and Steward of Shireroth. Aldricism is a political ideology combining conservative policies with liberal stances, especially on economic, social, and ethical issues. Aldric founded the Imperial Democratic Party (IDP) to represent this ideology. When Elwynn obtained its independence, the political and organizational structures and organizations of the IDP in Elwynn became the Democratic Party of Elwynn. Aldricism has also been referred to as a "neoliberal" ideology, though the term is commonly used by scholars and commentarists using opposing meanings.


  • Free market/mixed economy
  • Raspur Pact
  • Free trade
  • Greater investment in nuclear and wind power
  • Greater investment in national infrastructure
  • Quality education
  • Autonomous government and greater powers for local governments
  • Continued membership of the Raspur Pact
  • Low taxes
  • Small state
  • Close relations with Shireroth, Ransenar, Suthergold, and other Raspur States.
  • Protection of the Imperial institution and Imperial Prerogatives
  • Financial restitution to former owners of loyal subjects and community servants
  • Nobility, privileges of nobility, etc.


  • Relations with Stormark
  • Acknowledgement of the so-called Froyalanish genocide
  • End of loyal subjecthood, end of community servitude
  • End of noble privileges

Organization and structure

The Imperial Democratic Party of Constancia is a national party that is organized


Nobody joins the Imperial Democratic Party of Constancia. One is invited to join if deemed worthy, after a significant period of due diligence and discreet investigation, particularly of one's provenance, relationships, and background. At the initiative of an existing member of good standing, a prospective member is nominated, and must undergo a probationary phase before granting formal membership at a ceremony.



Party Chairmen

Electoral Results

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