Imperial Constancian Armed Forces/Constantinian Air Force

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Konstantinanoú Aeroporias
Seal of the Constantinian Air Force
  • 1st foundation: 1634
  • 2nd foundation: 1669
Type Air Force
Role Aerial Warfare
Size 9,045 personnel
300 aircraft
Part of Imperial Constancian Armed Forces
Motto(s) "Dominate the Heights"


Type Origin Class Role Year in service № in service Producer Note
Combat Air
MiG-29K Rossiyskaya Respublika (Terra) Jet Multirole 1651 30 Mikoyan Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth  
Buccaneer S.2D Kingdom of Great Britain (Terra) Jet Maritime Strike 1651 24 Blackburn Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth  
Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
CN-235 MP República Española (Terra) Turboprop Patrol 1627 1 Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA)  
FR172 H République Française (Terra) Propeller Patrol 1636 4 Reims Aviation  
BN-2T-4S Defender 4000 Kingdom of Great Britain (Terra) Turboprop Patrol 1627 1 Britten-Norman  
Air Mobility
Learjet 45 British North America (Terra) Jet Transport 1627 1 Learjet  
AW101 (Merlin HM1) Kingdom of Great Britain / Regno d'Italia (Terra) Helicopter ASW 1651 72 AgustaWestland Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth  
EC635 P2+ République Française (Terra) Helicopter Utility 1627 2 Eurocopter  
PC-9M Confoederatio Helvetica (Terra) Turboprop Trainer / Light Attack 1627 4 Pilatus  
T-3 Akóntio Constancia Jet Trainer / Light Attack 1636 161 Ergostásio Aeroskafón (Vey) First Constancian air platform. Further production licenced to Shireroth and Natopia.  


Air Force General Staff, at Nísos Aigón

Air Force Academy, at Astérapolis

Iptámeno Panepistímio Moíra (University Air Squadron), at Astérapolis

Air Force Tactical Command, at Aqabah

Air Operations Centre, at Nísos Aigón
11th Syntagma (Area Control), at Aqabah
12th Syntagma (Guided Missile Air Defence), at Ithonion
13th Syntagma (Air Combat), at Nivardom
14th Syntagma (Airborne Early Warning & Patrol), at Ithonion