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***5th Army <small>(Aqaba Province)</small>
***5th Army <small>(Aqaba Province)</small>
***6th Army <small>(Nivardom Province)</small>
***6th Army <small>(Nivardom Province)</small>
**''Constancian Foreign Legion''
***1st Brigade <small>(Alexandrian Guards)</small>
***2nd Brigade <small>(New Alexandrian)</small>
***3rd Brigade <small>(Santander)</small>

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Imperial Constancian Armed Forces
Constancian War Banner.png
Constancian war banner circa 1665 AN
Country Imperial State of Constancia
Founded 1634 / 1669 AN
Branches Imperial Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Home Guard
Headquarters Astérapolis
Autokrator Primo de Aguilar
Minister of Defence Soterios Kostas
Stratárchis Geórgios Maniakes
Military age 18
Foreign suppliers ESB Group, Shireroth

The Imperial Constantinian Armed Forces are the combined armed forces of the Imperial Constantinian State and the lead command and contributory force to the Trans-Euran Command of the Raspur Pact.

Notable events

  • 24.VII.1669: Reorganisation of remaining Constancian Armed Forces into Imperial Constancian Armed Forces begins.
  • 20.XI.1669: Reorganisation of Trans-Euran Command begins.
  • 24.XII.1669:
    • George Maniakes acclaimed as Stratárchis (Field Marshal) by his troops. Partisans of the Autokrator in response acclaim him as Archistrátigos (Generalissimo), establishing a new supreme rank in the Constantinian system.
    • Foundational syntagmata ("regiments") of the old Constancian Army assigned as cadres to divisions of the new Constantinian Army.[1]
    • Operation Quickstep: Personnel from the various allied expeditionary forces on Eura are invited to obtain citizenship and transfer to the ICAF. Uptake is most notable amongst Shirerithian auxiliaries, as well as Caputian and Wechua emigrées.
    • Operation Darrūd: Demobilisation of majority of Raspurid forces and the integration of the remainder into the ICAF.
  • 23.XI.1670: The Constancian Navy acquired the Hover Kitty-class aircraft carrier HMTS Drums In The Deep from the Talenore Defence Force.


  • Aftokratorikó Genikó Epiteleío (Imperial General Staff)
    • Aftokratorikí Frourá (Imperial Guard)
    • Konstantinanoú Stratoú (Constantinian Army)
      • Ópla Máchis (Combat Arm)
        • Sóma Pezikoú (Corps of Infantry)
          • Aerometaferomeni Merarhia (Airborne Division)
            • 1st Syntagma
          • Merarhia Oreivaton (Mountain Division)
            • 2nd Syntagma
          • Merarhia Pezikou (Infantry Division)
            • 3rd Syntagma
          • Merarhia Pezonauton (Marine Division)
            • 4th Syntagma
        • Sóma Pyrovolikoú (Corps of Artillery)
          • Pyrovolikoú Merarhia (Artillery Division)
            • 5th Syntagma
          • Aeroporikí Merarhia (Air Defence Division)
            • 6th Syntagma
        • Ippikoú-Thorakisménou Sómatos (Armoured-Cavalry Corps)
          • Merarhia Ippikou (Cavalry Division)
            • 7th Syntagma
          • Mihanokiniti Merarhia (Mechanised Division)
            • 8th Syntagma
          • Tethorakismeni Merarhia (Armoured Division)
            • 9th Syntagma
      • Ópla Ypostírixis Máchis (Combat Support Arm)
        • 10th Syntagma
      • Sómata Dioikitikís Mérimnas (Logistic Corps)
    • Konstantinanoú Nautiko (Constantinian Navy)
      • Stoliskos Antitorpilikon(Destroyer Flotilla)
      • Stoliskos Metagogikon (Transport Flotilla)
      • Stoliskos Ypovryxion (Submarine Flotilla)
    • Konstantinanoú Aeroporia (Constantinian Air Force)
      • Air Force General Staff, at Nísos Aigón
        • Air Force Academy, at Astérapolis
          • Iptámeno Panepistímio Moíra (University Air Squadron), at Astérapolis
        • Air Force Tactical Command, at Aqabah
          • Air Operations Centre, at Nísos Aigón
          • 11th Syntagma (Area Control), at Aqabah
            • 1st Control and Warning Station, at Bandeshahr
            • 2nd Control and Warning Station, at Raspur
            • 3rd Control and Warning Station, at Mehrshahr
            • 4th Control and Warning Station, at Cario
            • 5th Control and Warning Station, at Arak
          • 12th Syntagma (Guided Missile Air Defence), at Ithonion
          • 13th Syntagma (Air Combat), at Nivardom
            • Alpha Moíra, at Nivardom
            • Beta Moíra, at Aqabah
            • Epsilon Moíra, at Astérapolis
          • 14th Syntagma (Airborne Early Warning & Patrol), at Ithonion
            • Gamma Moíra
            • Delta Moíra
    • Ethnikí Frourá (Home Guard)
      • 4th Army (Prosgeiosi Basileus)
      • 5th Army (Aqaba Province)
      • 6th Army (Nivardom Province)
    • Constancian Foreign Legion
      • 1st Brigade (Alexandrian Guards)
      • 2nd Brigade (New Alexandrian)
      • 3rd Brigade (Santander)


Grade Army / Home Guard Navy Air Force
OF-11 Archistrátigos (Generalissimo) n/a n/a
OF-10 Stratárchis (Field Marshal) n/a n/a
OF-9 Arteshbod (General) Navarchos (Admiral) Pterarchos (Air Chief Marshal)
OF-8 Sepahbod (Lieutenant-General) Antinavarchos (Vice Admiral) Antipterarchos (Air Marshal)
OF-7 Sarlashkar (Major-General) Yponavarchos (Rear Admiral) Ypopterarchos (Air Vice-Marshal)
OF-6 Taxiarchos (Brigadier) Archiploiarchos (Commodore) Taxiarchos (Air Commodore)
OF-5 Sarhang (Colonel) Ploiarchos (Captain) Sminarchos (Group Captain)
OF-4 Tagmatarchis (Major) Antiploiarchos (Commander) Antisminarchos (Wing Commander)
OF-3 Lochagos (Captain) Plotarchis (Lt-Commander) Episminagos (Squadron Leader)
OF-2 Ypolochagos (1st Lieutenant) Ypoploiarchos (Lieutenant) Sminagos (Flight-Lieutenant)
OF-1 Anthypolochagos (2nd Lieutenant) Simaioforos (Ensign) Yposminagos (Flying Officer)
WO Anthypaspistis (Warrant Officer) Anthypaspistis (Warrant Officer) Anthypaspistis (Warrant Officer)
OR-5 Kentarchos (Sergeant) Mahnāvi (Petty Officer) Sminias (Sergeant)
OR-4 Dekaneas (Corporal) Diopos (Senior Seaman) Yposminias (Corporal)
OR-3 Ypodekaneas (Lance-Corporal) Nāvi Yekom (1st Seaman) n/a
OR-2 Sarbāz Dovom (Specialist) Nāvi Dovom (2nd Seaman) n/a
OR-1 Sarbaz (Soldier) Nāvi (Seaman) Sminitis (Aircraftman)


Term Translation Meaning
Air Transportation Squadron Moira Metagogikon Aeroskafon A squadron of aircraft specifically employed for the purpose of transporting passengers and cargo between locations.
Airborne Division Aerometaferomeni Merarhia A formation of infantry trained to conduct attacks against enemy targets delivered from the air either by parachute from transport aircraft or, more commonly, via insertion by helicopters
Armada Stólos the largest naval formation, commanded by a Navarchos (Admiral)
Armoured Division Tethorakismeni Merarhia A division built around regiments of armoured fighting vehicles supported by infantry and artillery
Army Stratia A major military formation comprising of two or more combined arms corps, under the command of a Sepahbod (Lieutenant-General)
Army General Staff Geniko Epiteleio Stratou A body responsible for the continuous study of all aspects of war, and for drawing up and reviewing plans for mobilisation or campaign
Banner Group Omáda Lávaron an operational warfare manoeuvre force formed of four combined arms corps supported by tactical aviation and a naval flotilla under the command of an Arteshbod (General)
Battlegroup Omáda Máchis a composite force built around an infantry regiment reinforced with an appropriate mix of armour, artillery and support personnel and weaponry, relevant to the task it is expected to perform
Brigade Taxiarchia A unit formed from two associated regiments, commanded by a Taxiarchos (Brigadier)
Cavalry Division Merarhia Hippikou The Basileusian Private Guard, formed of the Exkoubitoi, Hikanatoi , and Optimatoi regiments, responsible for the defence of the Basileus, his family and other relatives
Close Air Support Squadron Moira Vomvardistikon Kathetis Eformisis A squadron of aircraft specialising in providing tactical support to ground forces – usually by attacking targets identified by forward observers attached to front line formations
Combined Arms Corps Sóma Syndyasménon Óplon a self-contained unit, formed of eight battlegroups with organic ground combat, close air support, and combat service support elements
Destroyer Flotilla Stoliskos Antitorpilikon a grouping of surface combatant warships under the command of a Archiploiarchos (Commodore)
Division Merarchia A primary army formation, comprising of a mixture of infantry and armour with such supporting troops (artillery, engineers, signals) as may be required. Commanded by a Sarlashkar (Major-General). Typically formed of 8 or more brigades
Fighter Squadron Moira Mahitikon A formation of aircraft employed in the establishment of air superiority over the battlefield, denying the skies to enemy aircraft and protecting allied aircraft employed in other operations
Home Guard Ethnofelaki A national militia with secondary law enforcement and public order responsibilities
Imperial General Staff Aftokratorikó Genikó Epiteleío a body composed of the most senior military personnel in the ICAF who advise on operational military matters and the preparation and conduct of military operations.
Infantry Division Merarhia Pezikou a large military unit or formation, usually consisting of between 10,000 and 20,000 soldiers, with a majority of infantry sub-units
Marine Division Merarhia Pezonauton A formation of infantry specialising in amphibious assaults and ship-borne operations
Mechanised Division Mihanokiniti Merarhia A formation of infantry trained and equipped to keep pace with armoured vehicles
Mountain Division Merarhia Oreivaton Infantry specialising in mountain and high-altitude warfare
Naval Strike Squadron Moira Nautikon Vomvardistikon A formation of aircraft specialising in attacks against enemy shipping
Naval Transport Flotilla Stoliskos Metagogikon A naval formation of ships utilised for the transport of personnel, equipment, and stores over water
Regiment Syntagma A unit under the command of a Sarhang (Colonel) formed from 10 squadrons
Section Dekania A sub-section of a troop, comprised of 8 soldiers under the command of a Dekaneas (Corporal)
Sentinels Excubitors A regiment of the Basileusian Private Guard
Squadron Moíra A unit comprised of 120 personnel formed from three troops under the command of a Lochagos (Captain)
Strategic Bomber Squadron Moira Stratigikon Vomvardistikon A force of bomber aircraft specialising in the destruction of targets of economic, industrial, and political significance
Submarine Flotilla Stoliskos Ypovryxion a grouping of submersible vessels utilised in the underwater component of naval warfare
Tactical Bomber Squadron Moira Taktikon Vomvardistikon A tactical aviation unit specialising in attacking targets of immediate military value
Troop Kentarchia The sub-unit of a Squadron, comprised of 40 personnel under the command of a Anthypolochagos (2nd Lieutenant) supported by a Kentarchos (Sergeant)


  1. ^ The terms Constancian and Constantinian become increasingly interchangeable during the Imperial period.