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The Host Spirit is revered by practitioners of the Host Spirit as the architect of the cosmos.

Hostianism, otherwise known as Hostianity or the Hostian Mysterism, is a category of religious beliefs which are centered around the recognition of the relationship between the universal forces of order, chaos, and mystery, and in the existence of the Host Spirit. There are two major Hostian Belief Systems, the Stripping Path and the Pallisican Religion, which together represent the most widely practiced belief systems in the eastern hemisphere. The religious beliefs of the inhabitants of the Bassarid Periphery can also be classified as being fundamentally Hostian in nature.


It is well documented that during the Hammish Civil War, followers of the Hostian Pallisican Religion provided material support to the extremist organization known National Salvation Front.

The history of Hostianism can be traced back to as early as the 28.30's PSSC, when early Pallisican beliefs were described in the essay entitled On the Pallisican Religion. Hostian beliefs would contribute significantly to the rise of the Pallisican nationalism which in the late 20's and early 30's PSSC would result in the establishment of the Kingdom of New Zimia and Passio-Corum, as well as the establishment of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa. While on one hand, Hostianism contributed to the establishment and expansion of such nations, it also played a de-stabilizing role in Keltia, as Hostian investors funded the establishment of extremist groups across the continent's central regions. Even today, Hostian investors continue to provide funding for extremist and criminal groups, especially the various pirate communities affiliated with the Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans.

In the 36.80s PSSC, the various Hostian belief systems would converge under the political system of the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union. Following the establishment of the Imperial Trade Union, Hostian beliefs would expand across Keltia, Corum, Eura, Apollonia, and Benacia, becoming the most widespread set of religious beliefs in the eastern hemisphere. Hostianism maintains a negative reputation in many countries due to the role which its adherents played in the War of Lost Brothers and later the Haifan Civil War. Despite overwhelming evidence, the overall political impact of Hostian belief systems in Keltia and around the world is fervently rejected by nefarious revisionists, among them a few who would - on the basis of long-standing feuds and animosity - contemptuously seek to utterly wipe the Bassarids from the slate of history.