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According to the Pallisican Religion and the Stripping Path, the Host Spirit is a neutral, higher spiritual entity, which is not a deity and which does not occupy the spiritual plane of deities, and which is yet responsible for the original creation and general evolution of the Pallisican people and their culture.

In addition to being known as the creator of the Pallisican people, the Host Spirit is also regarded as the Patron of Commerce, as the Architect and Keeper of the Cosmos, and as the Father of Thieves, Spies, and Criminals in general.


The Oracle, otherwise known as the Chief Moniker, is the most prominent individual who directly embodies the Host Spirit itself, or who can demonstrate a profound spiritual connection to the Host Spirit through the practice of miracles or teachings. The Oracle is believed to harbor special insight regarding the Host Spirit, its will, and its general influence. It is believed, in addition, that the Oracle is capable of convening with the Host Spirit in dreams. That said, the holder of the position is strictly forbidden from disclosing any of their true capacities, and speculation is strongly discouraged by religious authorities. This unique relationship between the Oracle and the Host Spirit is known within the Pallisican Religion as the Oracle Mandate.

It is unknown how many Oracles have existed throughout history, though the title of Oracle has traditionally been claimed solely by the holder of the office of Crown of Passio-Corum. In modern times however - especially since the ascension of Kan Zen to the Crown - the belief in multiple contemporary Oracles has become increasingly widespread. In a survey conducted in 36.30 PSSC, roughly one-third of all practitioners of the Pallisican Religion reported a personal belief that the current Crown of Passio-Corum was not the only Oracle. Of these one-third, half reported a belief in at least one other Oracle, while one-quarter reported a belief in at least two other Oracles. In both of these cases, around one-tenth pointed to the Priestess of Agripinillla as a possible Oracle, while a similar, smaller percentage pointed to the infamous pirate, Captain Ismael Hatch.