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Hoyen Kokka
Hoennese Realm
Flag of Hoenn
Coat of Arms of Hoenn
Coat of Arms
Anthem: "Kimigayo"
"Her Majesty's Reign"
File:Kimigayo instrumental.ogg
Location of Hoenn
Map versions 15.8.5 — present
Capital Ever Grande
Largest city Mauville
Official language(s) Hoennese
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Hoennese
 - Adjective Hoennese
Government Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
 - Queen Queen Kahede
 - Chancellor Sasaki Ichihime
 - Legislature Gikai
Establishment January 2016
 - Ranked #
Area #
 - Ranked #
Population 3
 - Active 2
 - Ranked #
Currency Hoennese zeni (HNZ)
Abbreviation HON
Time zone(s)
National website [1]
National forum [2]
National animal Rayquaza
National food Satsuma age
National drink Shochu
National tree Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora)

Hoenn (Japanese: ‮豐縁‬ Hepburn: Hoyen?) was an island state located on Terra, which had a colony on Nijima in the Skerry Isles.