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Highpass territorial election, 1682

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Highpass territorial election, 1682
12.X.1682 1685 →

All 79 seats of the Legislative Assembly
40 seats needed for a majority. Two percent threshold.

  First party Second party
Party Passikaaner Belang Sanaman Liberation Front United Nationalist Alliance
Seats won 26 21 18
Percentage 31.84% 25.46% 22.55%
  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Highpass for Highpassians Golden Sunrise Independence Now!
Seats won 4 3 3
Percentage 5.09% 3.44% 3.24%
  Seventh party Eighth party
Party Coalition 1660 Sanaman Communist Party
Seats won 2 2
Percentage 3.14% 2.54%

Premier of the Highpass government before election

Position established

Elected Premier of the Highpass government

Kikke Linsman
Passikaaner Belang

The Highpass territorial election, 1682 was the first election held to the newly formed Legislative Assembly. As a territory, the governance of Highpass is under the ultimate authority of the Federal Assembly, which can overturn acts of the Legislative Assembly and the government. Day-to-day executive governance is entrusted to the Administrator of Highpass, currently Pjetro Vinfetto. The administrator appoints the territorial government, headed by the Premier. The administrator is also responsible for appointing the two senators from Highpass. After the election, the Passikaaner Belang and the United Nationalist Alliance entered into a coalition government.