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High Council of Calbion

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The High Council of Calbion also indicated in Calbic as the Gyngor Uchel (High Council), is an executive institutional organ that serves to assist the Governor-General in his governing duties. The High Council as such has no formal function in Calbain government, but is nevertheless called the "Calbain government". High Councillors are granted the privilege of issuing decrees on behalf of the Governor-General, and in the name of the Prince of the Calbain. Because of its nature, there is no defined number of High Councillors, although most contemporary administrations have kept the various positions more or less in the same state. A separate bureaucracy to assist the High Council also has been established over time. The first High Council was convened by Governor-General William Nelson in 1597, upon the ascendance of Jack de Montfort to Prince of the Calbain.

Bevan-Hall High Council, 1696 - present

High Councillor Office Period Faction
Cadwaladr Bevan-Hall Governor-General 1696 - present Nationalist
Lady Margaret Cerrys Home Affairs 1696 - present Nationalist
Uther ab Fynn Foreign Affairs 1696 - present Nationalist
George Kingsbane Treasury 1696 - present Nationalist
Isengard ab Owain Commerce and Industry 1696 - present Nationalist
High Admiral Howard ab Fynn Navy 1696 - present Independent
High General Michael Fay War 1696 - present Independent
Lothar McNeil Minority Affairs 1696 - present Nationalist
Hiram ab Gwynn Agriculture and Fishery 1696 - present Nationalist
Doctor Lew Howard Health and Education 1696 - present Nationalist

Ab Ioan High Council, 1688 - 1696

High Councillor Office Period Faction
Richard ab Ioan Governor-General 1688 - 1696 Realist
Evyn Drakeford Home Affairs 1688 - 1691 Ynysig Movement
Gregory Dale 1691 - 1696 Realist
Glenn ab Firth Foreign Affairs 1688 - 1696 Realist
Owain Moran Treasury 1688 - 1696 Realist
Jacob Mackay Commerce and Industry 1688 - 1696 Realist
High Admiral Howard ab Fynn Navy 1688 - 1696 Independent
High General Tobias Warwick War 1688 - 1691 Ynysig Movement
High General Michael Fay 1691 - 1696 Independent
Kendall Walters Minority Affairs 1688 - 1696 Independent
Llywelyn Bellington Agriculture and Fishery 1688 - 1696 Realist
Mackenzie Ó Gallchobhai Health and Education 1688 - 1696 Realist


Timeline of governments of Calbion