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Flag Jingdao 2.png City districts of Sizhecheng Flag Jingdao 2.png
Map of Davignon.png
Zuydbank: Florynkwartier - Hallen - Huyseken - Groene Wijk - Hereburgh
Noordbank: Egmontswijk - Sinetoridistrict - Hertogswijck - Meulestede - Oude Haven - Zavel

The Hereburgh is a district in the City of Sizhecheng. This district is located on the wealthier, southern bank of the Aireru. Its dominating landmark is without doubt the impressive Gewesthuis, a replica of the one in Davignon (in Batavia).

The Herfstpaleis, east of the Gewesthuis, is a - in comparison - relatively small mansion which is still in use by the Vice-Roy of Jinkeai.

Places of interest