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Heavenly Championship

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Heavenly Championship
Countries Jingdao Jingdao
Confederation Aefa.png AEFA
Founded 2017
Number of teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Emperor Shield
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League

The Heavenly Championship is the top football league in Jingdao. The league is contested by ten teams, with each team playing 18 fixtures during the regular season before splitting into play-offs.


The Heavenly Championship was founded in 2017, as part of a Jingdaoese domestic push for development and outward look to the rest of Micras, and replaced an intricate system of regional leagues as the nation's first professional top flight. Its first season was played in 2017.


Each team plays every other team two times (once at home and once away), resulting with each team playing 18 games, and 90 games being played overall during the regular season. Following this, the top four teams advance to play-offs to determine the league's AEFA competition qualifiers.