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Federal Republic of Hazar
Flag of Hazar
Coat of Arms of Hazar
Coat of Arms
Motto: Dostluq va sadagad
Anthem: Hazar Marşı
Location of Hazar
Map versions
Capital Hazar (City)
Largest city Hazar (City)
Official language(s) None official;
Hazarese and Thraci most commonly spoken
Official religion(s) Umraism
Demonym Hazarese
 - Adjective Hazar
Government Republic
 - Hazarbashi Yaşar Talha Bülbül
 - Prime Minister Alperen Çavuş
 - Legislature Anakanun
Establishment 1681 AN; 7486 ASC
Area N/A
Population 9,125,324
Currency Thraci Manat
Abbreviation HAZ
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal Bodžinakse Eagle
National food Kebab
National drink Thraci Ayran
National tree Sevid-Fiota

Hazar, full name is Federal Republic of Hazar, constituent nation of Thraci Confederation in Corum. This nation successor nation of Bodžinak and establishment in 1681 after than CoRS, in 1681 AN by Yaşar Talha Bülbül. The government form of the nation is the republic.Hazarbashi is Yaşar Talha Bülbül.



The Hazar Nation is not a very high altitude country, but the nation has some high mountains,example Fırat Mountain in west of Hazar city and Fifth Mountain in Efsus state however, since these mountains are in the interior, they have no effect on the climate.The highest mountain in the Hazar is the East Mountain, located in the Fifth Mountain Range, its height is 2104 meters.Hazar is very rich in fanua.

Berkovica Reverse Tulip

Berkovica reverse tulip.

Berkovica Reverse Tulip is a common flower in Hazar.This plant usually grows in rural areas, it is a common flower almost everywhere in the nation.The average length of this flower is 50-70 cm.The most interesting feature of tulip is that it looks towards the ground unlike other species.The colors of the plant is yellow, orange, red and rarely it is possible to meet the blue reverse tulip.Unlike other flower types, it is a very durable flower species.It has a seed structure similar to onion, this plant should be plant in autumn.There are 5-6 flowers on its branch.

Fifth Mountain Ibex

Fifth Mountain Ibex.

The Fifth Mountain Ibex,is a goat speices found in mountainous areas on West Hazar. Its range within only Hazar.They just live around Fifth Mountain, so it's quite kind of rare.They have long horns and brown animal skins.Fifth Mountain Ibex stand around 70-90 cm tall at the shoulder and weights circa 75 kg, female Fifth Mountain Ibexs are much smaller ( 50-60 cm tall at the shoulder and weights circa 60 kg.)

Generations were taken under protection by the Hazar Government.Its use in hunting, food and trade is prohibited by law.



Hazar has no official language, but Bodzinakese, Hazarese and Thraci language is most commonly languages, Sanpō, Coriak language and Hasani language is minority languages.

Hazarese is mixture of Bodzinakese and Thraci language, it is constructed language.It was created in 1681 to facilitate communication and fuse relative languages, Its usage has increased considerably since its creation.


The official religion of the Hazar is Umraism, but the state freed people's beliefs. 88,6% is Umraism, 8,0% is Sunni Islam, 2,4% is RiSeism, 1,1% is Christian and 1,9% is other religion (Hinduism, Ateism, Faith of Inti and Antic Egyptian Religion).

RiSeism is a minorty religion of Hazar and second popular religion. RiSeism's origin is Phinbella, and Phinbellan was brought to Hazar by university students.

RiSeism has been a fictional religion in Phinbella since the interim government and was established in 2814 following the death of a Phinbellan warrior at the time, Kvong Ri-se died in a traffic accident in Rintis Island. This fictional religion was set up to compete with the religions of Jameelahism and Tzuyuism. This religion has been found on Rintis Island and its surroundings, including the Cyborges, Cyberaya, Carey Islands, Penarik Flyover, Liancourt Rocks, Politama and Boninki Islands.

Ikmal HakimiFrom a conversation between Ikmal Hakimi and Yaşar Talha Bülbül (1681 AN)


Hazar University is the most quality university in Hazar .

Education is compulsory in Hazar up until age 18, children are required to start primary school at the age of six.Students go on a 3-monthy holiday in the summer, twenty days vacation in the winter, and a weekly vacation in January and April,is happening also weekend hoidays on Saturday, Sunday and Friday in the afternoon.It is a holiday for all students on special days.

Compulsory education is divided into three stages: Primary Education, Secondary Education and High School.Students compulsory for study in school.Students study 4 years in primary education, 4 years in secondary education and 4 years in high school.Individuals who turn eighteen years old take the exam according to their own will, this exam is necessary for university placement.


Wrestling and Football is most popular sports in Hazar.Wrestling is to be known ancestor football. In the Hazar, you can see that people are wrestling at school or at weddings, wrestling at weedings are tradition.National Oil Wrestling Festival is held in Nevişahsınamünhasır and Atlaskent every year.Hazar is known as "The Land of Wrestlers" among Thracis.Also wrestling is taught compulsory in the military.

Football is a other popular sport in Hazar.Hazar has a amateur football league, league name is Süper Lig Hazar. Süper Lig Hazar is top-tier league in Hazar and fourteen teams are in the league.In the Süper Lig Hazar, the last two teams are relegate to State Amateur League (Eyalatsal Hazar Liqi). Eyalatsal Amatör Liqi has 7 groups and 56 teams.

Hazar has a top-tier Basketball league, league name is Basgatbal Liqi and Basgatbal Liqi has eight teams.

Ciridinhazarya is very popular.


Ethnic Groups

Hazar is has a total population of 9,125,324.

Acoording the 2020 census




Foreign Relations

Nation Status Visa Policy Notes
Alduria Alduria No Contact Visa required
Alperkin Alperkin No Contact Visa required
Alrig Alrig No Contact Visa required
Antakia Antakia Ally Free movement Constituent nation of Thraci Confederation
Arcadia Arcadia No Contact Visa required
Batavia Batavia No Contact Visa required
Birgeshir Birgeshir No Contact Visa required
Bryconia Bryconia No Contact Visa required
Caradia Caradia No Contact Visa required
Constancia Constancia No Contact Visa required
Craitland Craitland No Contact Visa required
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan No Contact Visa required
Elwynn Elwynn No Contact Visa required
Florian Republic Florian Republic No Contact Visa required
Francia Francia No Contact Visa required
Freeland Freeland No Contact Visa required
Goëtia Goëtia No Contact Visa required
Guttuli Guttuli No Contact Visa required
Imperial Trade Union Imperial Trade Union No Contact Visa required
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia No Contact Visa required
Iron Cult Iron Cult No Contact Visa required
Jääland Jääland No Contact Visa required
Jezeraah Jezeraah No Contact Visa required
Jingdao Jingdao No Contact Visa required
Juclandia Juclandia No Contact Visa required
Kalgachia Kalgachia No Contact Visa required
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria No Contact Visa required
Leylstadt Leylstadt No Contact Visa required
Los Liberados Los Liberados No Contact Visa required
Lostisland Lostisland No Contact Visa required
Lumis Lumis No Contact Visa required
Mercury Mercury No Contact Visa required
Natopia Natopia No Contact Visa required
Nova England Nova England No Contact Visa required
Palesmenia Palesmenia No Contact Visa required
Phinbella Phinbella Ally Free movement Coming Phinbellan university students and works about Thraci Confederaction and Sanpantul.Yaşar Talha Bülbül signatured the pact.
Ralgon Ralgon No Contact Visa required
Ransenar Ransenar No Contact Visa required
Réunion Réunion No Contact Visa required
Rulak Rulak No Contact Visa required
Sanama Sanama No Contact Visa required
Sanpantul Sanpantul Ally Free movement The sincere friendship of Thracis and Sanpantul, participation in the humanitarian mission.Yaşar Talha Bülbül signatured the pact.
Senya Senya No Contact Visa required
Shireroth Shireroth No Contact Visa required
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation No Contact Visa required
Stormark Stormark No Contact Visa required
Tellia Tellia No Contact Visa required
Thracistan Thracistan Ally Free movement Constituent nation of Thraci Confederation
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates No Contact Visa required
Vatakan Vatakan No Contact Visa required
Verionian Empire Verionian Empire No Contact Visa required
Vi'Ix Vi'Ix No Contact Visa required
Wechua Wechua No Contact Visa required