Hasani National Council

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Hasani National Council
Hasanistan Ulusal Konseyi
Hasanski Državni Konzil
Хасански Државни Конзил
Abbreviation HNC (English)
HUK (Hasani)
HDK (Krasnocorian Latin)
ХДК (Krasnocorian Cyrillic)
Chairman Ümit Çakar
Headquarters Hasanistan, Balkanshahr
Ideology Hasani and Muslim interests
Big tent
Localist populism
9 / 300
0 / 150
0 / 150

The Hasani National Council (Hasani: Hasanistan Ulusal Konseyi, Krasnocorian Latin: Hasanski Državni Konzil, Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Хасански Државни Конзил) is a Hasani political coalition in Krasnocoria, led by Ümit Çakar. The HNC is a united front of various Hasani separatist and pro-autonomy groups and activists, as well as some Coriak and Nogan groups and activists.

Due to being a big tent coalition and having members of various ideological leanings, the Hasani National Council does not have a central ideology outside of promoting minority rights for the Hasani and Muslim minorities. The Hasani National Council faced little infighting and all constituent organizations strongly co-operated with each in the political arena during most of its existence until elements within the coalition splintered and established the Republican Liberation Party of Hasanistan. The coalition has eventually re-stabilized and the Republican Liberation Party re-joined the coalition.


Split and internal crisis

On 22 September 2018, the Krasnarusyn Democratic Hasani Movement, the Rights and Equality Party and some independent members split from the Hasani National Council and merged into a single party known as the Republican Liberation Party of Hasanistan. Aykut Kökgül, the leader of the Rights and Equality Party and one of the major figures behind the move, cited the submissive attitude of Ümit Çakar and the rest of the Hasani National Council's leadership towards the Krasnarusyn government as a reason for the split. The incident regarding the separation of the Republican Liberation Party caused a major internal crisis and threatened the stability of the coalition.

2019 reform and reunification

On 31 March 2019, the leadership of Hasani National Council announced reforms to organisational structure in an effort to end uncertainty over the stability of the coalition. The reforms the centralized the coalition while maintaining operational autonomy for constituent organisations, created a new central administrative body (known as the HNC Political Committee) for managing the coalition and . The party also formed two new constituent groups, the Corian Group to gain support for the HNC from among diaspora in the Kingdom of Coria and the Silvensku Human Rights Association, and Ümit Çakar invited the Republican Liberation Party to rejoin the coalition following the new reforms. The first composition of the HNC Political Committee was soon announced later that day, being composed of seventeen members (five from the Silvensku Human Rights Association, three unaffiliated with any constituent organisation, three from the Democratic Action Party, two from the Hasanistan Communist Party and four each from the other constituent organisations). Çakar maintained his role as Chairman.

The Republican Liberation Party accepted the request to rejoin the following day, with its leader Aykut Kökgül issuing a statement praising Çakar for the reforms to the party and calling for the unity of Krasnocorian Muslims. The party was granted five seats in the Political Committee, including Kökgül and KDHH leader Attila Ökte, and one of the Hasani National Council's deputies in the Krasnocorian Skupšteni declared her affiliation with the organisation.

Ideology and platform


Political Committee

Constituent organizations

Party Leader Ideology Ethnicity Political Committee Skupšteni
Silvensku Human Rights Association Ümit Çakar Minority rights
5 / 22
0 / 9
Republican Liberation Party Aykut Kökgül Hasani nationalism
Six Arrowism
5 / 22
1 / 9
Unaffiliated N/A Various Mixed
3 / 22
5 / 9
Democratic Action Party Musa Bećirović Coriak minority rights
3 / 22
2 / 9
Hasanistan Communist Party Ajlan Kavak Separatism
2 / 22
1 / 9
Corian Group Anesa Selimović Minority rights Mixed
1 / 22
0 / 9
Nuví Pelezu Hasani Community Organization Korkud Jirejek Hasani minority rights Hasani
1 / 22
0 / 9
Islamic Party of Krasnarus Hakan Rejep Sunni Islamism
Religious pluralism
1 / 22
0 / 9
All-Nogan Renaissance Union Şärif Akhatov Nogan minority rights
Liberal conservatism
1 / 22
0 / 9

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