Harald Thorstein

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Harald Thorstein is the current High King of Stormark.

His full title is Harald Thorstein the Generous Giver of the House of the Descendants of Freyja, High King of Stormark, Sovereign Lord on all Continents, Lover of Frigga, Freyja and Idunn, Perpetual Protector of the People of Stormark, Perpetual Defender of the Viking Nation, Eternal Guardian of the Sacred Islands, Paramount Chieftain of the Ancient Tribes of the Heartland, Most Noble Sovereign of the Lands of Stormark, Supreme Lord of the Lands of the Longships Throne, Sovereign Lord of the Kejsarinna Asa Isles, Sovereign Lord of Vinland, King of Anglethyr, King of Bondegard, King of the Islands of the Ancient Ways, King of Marthunia, King of Merlaide, King of the Mysterious Isles, King of Thydtwinnster, Solver of the Ancient Enigma, Keeper of the Freyja Treasure, Protector of Love and Liberty, Keeper of the Most Sacred Instruments, Lord of the Conquest, Navigation and Commerce of the Imperial Colonies, Hero of the Old Tale, Freyjagothi to the Temple of Love, Storjarl of the Gulathing, Storjarl of the Mysterious Isles, Prince Imperial of Alexandria, Fils d'Alexandrie, Prince of the Blood, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Normandie, Duke of Port Chloe, Duke of the Vaan Aujoen, Jarl of Gulathing, Marquis of Beaulieu, Marquis Thorstein, Count of Poitou, Count of Quercy, Lord of the Two Peninsulas, Lord of the Isle of Snæland, Lord of the Longships Islands and Lord of the Isles.

He became Emperor of Kruoningha in August 2002. This nation was originally based on ancient Saxon culture, but later assumed a viking culture, resulting in a name change to Viking Empire of Kruoningha in November 2002, and, on December 4th of that same year, Viking Empire of Stormark. One June 18th, 2010, the country once again changed its name, this time to High Realm of Stormark. During all these transitions, Harald Thorstein remained the country's leader.

The High King has thrice been married, first to Hervör de Einherja (deceased), then to Asa the beloved (disappeared) and now to Sigrid the Brave.

He was considered a frontrunner to the throne of Batavia, which has become vacant after the death of king Arkadius II. Harald Thorstein was the late king's brother-in-law. When Arkadius' daughter Fränzi-Ferdinanda came back on her descision not to claim the throne, he was appointed Grand Marshall of the Royal Court.