Guoguo Airlines

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Guoguo Airlines
IMATO code
MIS Code
Founded 1670
Hubs Beigang Airstrip
Secondary hubs Daocheng West International, Svorgas International Airport
Fleet size 40
Destinations 10
Headquarters Beigang, Jingdao
Key people President Xi Mazha

Guoguo Airlines is an airline located in Beigang, Jingdao. It operates on a route between Daocheng West International and Svorgas International Airport in Senya with stopovers in Beigang and Weicheng, as well as several shorter routes in northern Jingdao. It was founded in 1670 and the airline has a terrible safety record, but has remained a positive image due to its aggressive price tactics and friendly service. Guoguo operates forty Qingbian aluminium biplanes manufactured by Gangtie Industries with a seating capacity of 30 passengers each.