Gulf of Aqaba Authority

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The Gulf of Aqaba Authority is an independent national agency, administratively attached to, and supervised by, the Ministry of Maritime of the Imperial State of Constancia. It was created by Autokratorial Decree in 1694. Its primary purpose is the smooth management of operations and transit within the Gulf of Aqaba, the unified and comprehensive development thereof, and the conservation of natural and marine resources and the environment within.


The Gulf of Aqaba Authority Council is the policymaking body of the Authority. It is composed of:

  • Office of the Autokrator of Constancia, Chair
  • Office of the Mesazon, Senior Vice Chair
  • Ministry of Maritime, Vice Chair
  • Ministry for Aqabah
  • Ministry of Borders and Immigration
  • Ministry of Crown Lands
  • Ministry of Defense
    • Imperial Constancian Army
    • Imperial Constancian Air Force
    • Imperial Constancian Navy
  • Ministry for Civil Defense
  • Ministry for Information and Communications
  • Ministry of the Interior and Local Government
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry for Public Health
  • Ministry for Reconstruction and Infrastructure
  • Ministry for Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Ministry for Transportation
  • State Protection Authority

Daily operations are managed by an Administrator, assisted by several Deputy Administrators.