Greater Morovian Independence Initiative

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The Greater Morovian Independence Initiative is an expansive yet secretive community of pirates, fishermen, merchants, and intellectuals, who are united by a common, radical political and economic opposition to the expansion of Caputian and Bassarid interests in and around Lake Morovia. The Initiative was formally established in 37.65 PSSC, when the Lake Morovia Blockade Fund officially announced its intention to defect from the Port of Jogi, to the newly established Independent Port of Lake Morovia.

Greater Morovian Independence Initiative
Flag of Lake Morovia
Coat of Arms of Lake Morovia
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Free From Tyranny"
Location of Lake Morovia
Map versions TBA
Capital TBA
Largest city The Boatyard
Official language(s) Haifan
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Morovian
 - Adjective Assorted
Government Confederacy
 - The Fleet Admiral TBA
 - The Cabinet of Admirals TBA
 - Legislature TBA
Establishment 37.65 PSSC (6/18/18)
Area ~ TBA sqkm
Population TBA (37.68 PSSC)
Currency The Docket
Abbreviation GMI
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website N/A
National forum N/A
National animal TBA
National food TBA
National drink TBA
National tree TBA





The Fleet Admiral


Morovian Revolutionary Guard

Ongoing Activity

Date Headline Subject Summary
Task Force 37.80 (Updated -) TBA Lake Morovia TBA