Grand Cave Bee Meadery

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Logo of the Grand Cave Bee Meadery.

Located atop a vast cave system to the south of Mylecia, the Grand Cave Bee Meadery produces high quality mead using the honey made by bees who live in the caverns below. This mead, once a secretive ritual concoction which could only be consumed by select priestesses, is today a favorite of most central Keltian followers of Dionysus.

Recent Production Reports

An armed guard defends one of the entrances to the cavern system controlled by Grand Cave Bee Meadery.

35.25 PSSC: Prices are High

-Mead: 1.26 Kl / Share

35.25 Employment Report

-Number of People Employed (% of all Employed): 676 (9.16%)

-Total Paid in Wages (% of all Wages): 40 Lievs (%)

-Average Wages / Employee: .06 Lievs

-Value of Company (% of GDP): 4,358 Lievs (9.16%)

Company is Underfunded.