Governor-General of Calbion

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The Governor-General of Calbion is the head of the High Council. He is elected by the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol and appointed by the Prince. The Current Governor-General is Llywelyn Lewis jr..


The position of Governor-General was established in the second century CD. Initially, the Governor-General was the steward of the Prince of the Calbain. The position was appointed, rather than elected.

During the Brettish period, the Governor-General was the representative of Calbion and leader of the Calbain autonomous government.

List of Governor-Generals

Number Governor-General Period Prince of the Calbain Political faction
  17 Rowan ab Gwynneth 3 CD - 9 ÔD Jack I independent
  18 William Nelson 9 ÔD - 43 ÔD Jack I independent
  19 Morgan Lewis 43 ÔD - 45 ÔD Jack I Plaid Calbinol
  20 Owain ab Ioan 91 ÔD - 104 ÔD none independent
  21 Llywelyn Lewis 104 ÔD - 175 ÔD Jack II Plaid Calbinol
  22 Llywelyn Lewis jr. 175 ÔD - current Jack II Plaid Calbinol