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The arm patch of the Gorillas NF, worn on a right arm of a leather jacket.

The Gorillas Nomadic Family is a special nomadic cycle family of the Community of Goetia. It is a paramilitary guerrilla force created with the single goal of executing Kizzy Drakland, John Babbit, and their followers. It was created by a decision of the Conference of Cycle Families. It has 509 full members, and does not have an auxiliary member option. Members retain full membership in their own cycle families in addition to full membership in the Gorillas.

Sea transportation was provided by chartered SATCo vessels. Each member is equipped with a boot knife, machete, a handgun, and an assault rifle. Most members are veterans and have had basic military training from their country of origin. While on mission, Gorillas travel on foot, in groups of 5 or less. They do not operate with other forces, have a deep distrust of any non-demonists, and may or may not cooperate with Raspur Pact forces despite sharing the same broad goal.

The Gorillas members will stop at nothing to kill Kizzy or Babbit, as the one who does will be rewarded as Goetia's next head of state. They will not turn on each other, but they may turn on aligned forces if it becomes apparent that another national force may be able to kill Kizzy or Babbit before one of the Gorillas do.

After Kizzy and Babbit were killed, the Gorillas remain on stand-by. They can be mobilized by the Conference of Cycle Families if another external threat arises that challenges the Community's safety or reputation. Otherwise, policing and defense is handled by each nomadic family on their designated runs. If a situation arises where Goetic presence is required in a foreign country or in The Green, the Gorillas are tasked with responding.