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Gjuseppina Vinfetto

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Gjuseppina Vinfetto
Madama Vinfetto.png
Full name Gjuseppina Stella Geltrude Vinfetto
AKA Madama Vinfetto
Physical information
Species Human
Race Cisamarrese
Gender Female
Hair color and style Blonde
Eye color Blue
Skin color Orange
Biographical information
Date of birth IV.20.1531

Gjuseppina Vinfetto, also known as Madama Vinfetto, was considered to be Amarr's matriach during the Free State of Sanilla. She was among the few women in Amarr's politics and rose to be head of Amarr's Trinity Council delegation. A very outspoken woman, most people either hated her guts or loved her. Her shrewd business practices and skills as a politician made her the most powerful Cisamarrese woman and a force in Free State politics and business. Founded Vinfetto Holdings, now a major Sanaman conglomerate. Her descendants in the powerful Vinfetto clan dominate the politics of Cisamarra to this day. They also hold significant influence on the national stage in Sanama due to close ties with the current president Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici.