Gerenian parliamentary election, 2018

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The Gerenian parliamentary election of 2018 was held on 26 August 2018 to elect members of the Parliament of Gerenia.


The 2018 election was the fourth parliamentary election. Representatives of Gerenian East Keltia, Piraf, and Zylenia were elected for the first time.

Before the start of the campaign in July, the Independent Party of Gerenia experienced a crisis due to the appearance of two factions between the party: the "Originals", and the "New Nationalists". The former was represented by the conservative wing of the party, supporters of the Asakar Méeres doctrine. In opposition to them, New Nationalists called for concentration of development in mainland Gerenia rather than in Overseas Gerenia, and a reform of the whole economic system in accordance with the Sovereign Money (or Free money) doctrine. Eventually President Mikkel Anerat and the party leader Ims Sanlorä managed to maintain unity of the party in time.

With respect to the other parties, both Socialists and Populars took part in the election as the Peace and Liberty Front, like they did the year before. The same happened with the Third Way coalition of the Nationalist Party, the Reformist Party, and several minor parties.


Political party Votes % National Assembly Higher Assembly
Elected % of seats Elected % of seats
Independent Party 1,410,012 47.23 55 52.4 21 63.4
Peace and Liberty Front 748,115 25.24 27 25.7 10 30.3
Third Way 662,771 22.36 23 21.91 2 6.1
Hope Party 28,674 0.97 0 0 0 0
Others 54,776 1.85 0 0 0 0
Blank and null votes 82,314 2.78 0 0 0 0
Total 2,578,831 100.00 105 100 33 100
Registered voters/Turnout 2,964,530 70.08