Gerenian general election, 2013

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The Gerenian general election of 2013 was held on 14 July 2013 to elect a President, Provincial Governors, and members of the Parliament.


In August 2013, the "trial" year for members of Parliament, the President, and Provincial Governors expired. A new election was called, this time with the introduction of two-year terms for the above mentioned positions.


The Independent Party of Gerenia was the main party in the election. The 2013 election marked the beginning of a turn from the centre-right to the left, partly with the aim of attracting people who had voted the Socialist and the Popular parties, but mainly because of a change in the mentality of many members of the party. The Independent Party also showed itself as a nationalist party.

The left was represented in the election by the Socialist Party of Gerenia and the Popular Party, however, their respective leaders refused to form a coalition. Both forces relied on the middle urban class to gain greater representation in the Parliament.

The Nationalist and the Hope Party took part in a Gerenian election for the second time in their history.

In Maremedres, the Communist Party of Maremedres had been founded. Many Socialists and Populars joined the party, making it the biggest one in the province. It was the first communist experience in Gerenia.

After the poor results in the 2012 election, the Conservative Party was dissolved, and did not contest the election.

Presidential election

The only candidate who ran for the position of President was Gerald Ruze, of the Independent Party. The other party leaders decided to compete for provincial and parliamentary positions, as they focused in the National Assembly election.

Ruze assumed for a second term on 16 July 2013.

Provincial elections

The provincial elections were separated from the parliamentary election; it is to say, electors had to cast one vote for Governor of their province, and another one for representatives of both the National and the Higher Assembly.


Political party Votes
Adarma Barzat Clements Isherwood Maremedres Ramez Sängeran West
Independent Party 274,180 43,985 313,435 405,754 17,205 118,923 203,018 30,146
Socialist Party 109,057 8,744 71,852 211,467 7,398 38,974 61,280 6,041
Popular Party 31,566 5,873 41,850 119,073 5,433 8,105 24,571 3,165
Nationalist Party 11,496 3,237 22,377 70,465 1,045 16,945 38,029 10,678
Hope Party 3,743 587 24,058 58,114 0 1,231 6,528 980
Communist Party of Maremedres 0 0 0 0 27,140 0 0 0

Parliamentary election

All the members of the Parliament were elected, with the possibility for acting members to run for a second term.


Political party Leader Votes % National Assembly Higher Assembly
Elected % of seats Elected % of seats
Independent Party Gerald Ruze 1,405,770 57.42 59 59 15 62.5
Socialist Party Elie Kolumb 512,405 20.93 20 20 6 25
Popular Party Marîn Taskîn 237,651 9.71 10 10 0 0
Nationalist Party Ábelder Iskandan 171,814 7.02 5 5 1 4.17
Hope Party Gebreel Kevaly 93,630 3.82 4 4 0 0
Communist Party of Maremedres Elie Harday 27,140 1.11 2 2 2 8.33
Total 2,448,410 100 100 100 24 100