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The Gerenian Language National Commission (Gerenian: Kamițianetoles a'er Engre Gherenies, abbr. KNSEG) is the official institution responsible for regulating the Gerenian language. It was created in June, 2012, and it is currently based on the city of Nevaya.

The Commission is the official authority on the usages, vocabulary and grammar of the Gerenian language.


The Commission started publishing a dictionary in 2013, which is regarded as official in Gerenia. Other scientific and school texts began being written in the following years.

The most notable publications are the following:

  • KNSEG Dictionary of the Gerenian Language, with a new edition issued each year.
  • Language, Culture and History of Gerenia, an academic journal written with the cooperation of Gerenian universities, most notably the University of Isherwood.
  • Gerenian Grammar Series
  • BIT, the official book used to teach Gerenian language in primary schools.