Gerenian Capital Territory

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Gerenian Capital Territory
Location within Clements
Location within Clements
Province Clements
Capital Nevaya
Largest cities
Demonym Nevayan
 - Adjective Nevayan
 - Ranked 27th
 - Ranked

Gerenian Capital Territory (abbreviated GCT) is a county in the east of Gerenia, enclaved within Clements. It is the smallest county in Gerenia. The capital city and most populous community is the Klämen suburb of Nevaya, the capital city of Gerenia.


The Gerenian Capital Territory is bounded by the Nevaya River in the north and the west, and by the former boundaries of the city of Klämen in the east and the south.

Apart from the city of Nevaya, the Gerenian Capital Territory also contains agricultural land in the eastern zone.


The capital city of Gerenia since its foundation, has been the city of Klämen (formerly Clementsgrad and Clementsskad). However, the main government buildings were located in the modern suburb of Salnat. In early 2013, the Parliament of Gerenia approved the establishment of a federal district. The town of Nevaya was chosen as new seat of the government, and shortly afterwards underwent a period of modernisation. In August of the same year, the county was created, and its boundaries officially delimited.