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Gerenia-Senya football rivalry

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Apollonian Classico
Klasiker bɏer Apolœnëa
SZZh logo.png FADESS logo.png
Federation logos of both nations
Teams Gerenia
First meeting Senya 1–1 Gerenia
(7 September 2012)
Latest meeting Senya 2–0 Gerenia
(3 August 2018)
Meetings total 10
All-time series Gerenia wins: 1
Draws: 6
Senya wins: 3
Largest victory Senya 0–4 Gerenia
(30 September 2015)
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The Gerenia-Senya rivalry is a highly competitive sports rivalry that exists between the national football teams of the two countries, as well as their respective sets of fans. Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often fierce.

Friendlies between the two teams are colloqually known as the Apollonia Classico, which from 2014 will be an annual event. The two teams often meet in competition, particularly in the Copa Apollonia, and are commonly regarded as the best teams in Apollonia and the AEFA confederation.


After the two nations claimed on Micras in mid-2012, both countries began to organise their own national football teams. The two first met in Senya's Senyan School International Tournament in September 2012, where the two sides played out a 1–1 draw. After both teams performed well in the 2013 Copa Apollonia, the nations became the powerhouses of Apollonian football, particularly with the decline of the Gralus teams and North Antarctica's move to the CTFA confederation.


Since 2014, the two nations have been main rivals, as they generally are perceived to be much stronger than the other nations in the AEFA. The rivalry exploaded at the 2014 Copa Apollonia, when hosts Gerenia knocked out Senya on penalties in the semi-final in a tightly fought encounter. In 2015, a friendly in Senya decended into violence after Senyan fans started rioting in the stands due to Gerenia winning 4–0. Senya exacted revenge in the 2016 Copa Apollonia, eliminating Gerenia 3–1 in the semi-finals. Senyan fans widely celebrated Gerenia's underperformance and subsequent play-off round elimination during the 2017 FMF World Cup, which was hosted in Senya, especially as Senya got to the final. During the competition, Gerenia suffered their record defeat against Birgeshir, whom they lost to 4–0 at the Snakepit, which Senyan fans reportedly saying that it "lifted the daemons" on their defeat two years earlier in the same stadium. During the 2018 Copa Apollonia, the two teams were drawn with each other in the group and met in the final group matchday, where Senya defeated Gerenia 2–0 to eliminate them from the competition and to send themselves through to the semi-finals.


A Gerenian banner which reads "Neé d.a.f. Sänya!" ("Neé dirnism attar fuĵ Sänya!", You fuck off Senya!), in response to Senyans' "Fuck off Gerenia".
Naldas supporters setting off smoke bombs during the 2016 Copa Apollonia semi-final.

The Naldas supporter's group regards Gerenia as the enemy, especially after Senya's defeat to Gerenia in the semi-finals of the 2014 Copa Apollonia. However, Senyan fans generally have a respect for their Gerenian counterparts. Senyan supporters often chant "Alva ƨînenen on t old bler e blank" (Always shit on the old blue and white) and "Fuck off Gerenia" when playing Gerenia, whilst in the popular chant "When I see the Senyan's", which is chanted even at games not involving Gerenia, the line "Fæes ota Geren" (Fuck off Gerenia) is chanted following the chorus. During the 2016 Copa Apollonia fixture between the two, Senyan fans unfurled a tifo depicting a Senyan man holding a knife and the caption "[The] Gerenian slaughterhouse".
The Marauders (Gerenian ultras) also include aggresive lines in their chants, and after the 2015 4–0 win for Gerenia, they made a banner that reads "Er 4–0 'ster eosed ŷ[éer] nohag" (The 4–0 will never be forgotten), and that is displayed in every match involving Gerenia.
The rivalry, especially between the two rival ultras groups, is considered the most fierce amongst intermicronational sides on Micras, with both the Naldas and the Marauders being two very passionate groups. Though their is in reality little violence between the two groups, both groups are known for their banners, tifo, extensive choreogrophies, loud chanting and use of pyrotechnics, which leads to very intense and intimidating atmospheres when the two play each other.

One of the most notable incidents came after the two's 2018 Copa Apollonia meeting, where hooligans from both countries rioted.

Previous results

The two teams have played each other ten times, with Senya recording three wins, Gerenia one win, with six draws, of which one was won by Senya in a penalty shoot-out.

7 September 2012
Senya Senya 1 – 1 Gerenia Gerenia
Maytek Goal 60' Segara Goal 71'

5 January 2013
Senya Senya 1 – 1 Gerenia Gerenia
Vosin Goal 82' Kosko Goal 58'

21 July 2013
Gerenia Gerenia 2 – 4 Senya Senya
Toscano Goal 11'
Kosko Goal 38'
Čagelhîmer Goal 6'52'
Hands Goal 59'
Maytek Goal 63'

16 July 2014
Gerenia Gerenia 1 – 1
Senya Senya
Toscano Goal 34' Van Kotrisbond Goal 90'
Mársico Scored
Lagauzere Scored
Toscano Scored
Korau Scored
4 – 2 Scored Danetskë
Missed (Over) Vosin
Scored Maytek
Missed (Saved) Hands

12 November 2014
Gerenia Gerenia 1 – 1 Senya Senya
Valencia Goal 28' Minyorletsken Goal 31'

30 September 2015
Senya Senya 0 – 4 Gerenia Gerenia
Toscano Goal 80'88'89'
Padak Goal 90'

9 August 2016
Gerenia Gerenia 1 – 3 Senya Senya
Balbîn Goal 71' Hands Goal 26' (pen.)
Danetskë Goal 34'36'

19 April 2017
Gerenia Gerenia 0 – 0 Senya Senya

3 January 2018
Gerenia Gerenia 0 – 0 Senya Senya

3 August 2018
Senya Senya 2 – 0 Gerenia Gerenia
Ƨarkœvič Goal 33'
Danetskë Goal 75'