Kingdom of Genovia

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Kingdom of Genovia
Flag of Genovia
Coat of Arms of Genovia
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Verus et fictus"
Anthem: "Genovia, the land I call my home"
Location of Genovia
Map versions N/A (no territory yet)
Capital Pyrus
Largest city New Pyrus
Official language(s) Official language: English
Official religion(s)
Demonym Genovian
 - Adjective Genovian
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
 - King Nicholas IV of Genovia
 - Prime Minister Arseniy Vladislav
 - Legislature House of Lords
Establishment 13.05.1637 (March 5th 2019)
 - Ranked NA
Area NA
 - Ranked NA
Population ~140,500 (01.01.2001)
 - Active N/A
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Genoves
Abbreviation LKM
Time zone(s) {{{timezone}}}
National website Government Website
National forum
National animal Ellisian Brown Bear
National food Chebureki
National drink Stalinade
National tree Genovian Oak Tree

Genovia, fully the Kingdom of Genovia, is a wikibased country located on the planet of Micras. The nation was founded (in real life) by micronationalists Charles Ross and James Ellis who serve as the primary creative force behind the "Micronation".


The micronation of Genovia is heavily inspired by the state that bares the same name from the Princess Diaries series of novels and film. As such, the name, flag and other symbols are those used in the stories (including the national anthem). The name "Genovia" was coined by author Meg Cabot for the novel series.


Despite being geographically fictional in nature, the nation of Genovia is notably more "real-world" in comparison to other geofictional nations both on and off Micras. This is due to the fact that the nation tends to ground itself somewhat within the realm of reality and as such operates mostly offline, with all governmental meetings being held person to person and with citizenship/community outreach projects being held at real world locations as opposed to on forums.


The Kingdom of Genovia was founded in 1637 by a union of the two main nomadic tribes (The Longshankes and the Tommykins) that lived within the territory that is now Genovia. Following the union, the chief of the Tommykins tribe, Nicholas Jephony Krakowski was elected monarch of the nation. He assumed the throne on May 13th 1637 taking the title King Nicholas I of Genovia.

Under King Nicholas I, Genovia experienced rapid growth, formalizing it's borders and establishing the settlements that would later become Pyrus and New Pyrus. Following Nicholas I's death in 1688, his son Nicholas II ascended to the throne. Under his reign, Genovia grew militarily, formalizing it's Army and introducing mandatory conscription for all boys/men between the ages of 16-25.

After Nicholas II, Genovia remained in a somewhat constant state with very little of note happening, with the only notable improvements being the founding of Genovia Highway 01, the introduction of the Genovian Air force and the creation of New Pyrus International Airport (much later on).


The Kingdom of Genovia is a parliamentary monarchy, with a King/Queen serving as Head of State and a Prime Minister that serves as Head of Government.


The monarch of Genovia is the nation's designated head of state and is responsible for handling foreign affairs and representing the nation in matters of international relations. In addition, as all citizenship is ceremonially granted by the monarch, the King/Queen is tasked with reviewing and accepting/denying requests for citizenship status.

Prime Minister

The position of Prime Minister is an elected office. A Prime Minister serves a term lasting three years with elections taking place on the first of January. Any elected Prime Minister may run and re-run as many times as he/she would like. The primary job of the Prime Minister is to run all internal national affairs and to propose and draft new laws and legislation. The Prime Minister is also responsible for setting tax rates and appointing members to the House of Lords (Genovia's legislative body).

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