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The General Port of Lake Morovia is a Pallisican-style marketplace designed to support the needs of nations surrounding Lake Morovia, namely Alperkin and the Bassarid Periphery states which directly border Alperkin, such as Vaeringheim and Lewisburg. The General Port was established in the aftermath of the Haifan Civil War, following the collapse of the Independent Port of Lake Morovia and the dissolution of the Greater Morovian Independence Initiative.

Bank of the General Port


Population Data

Home Brokerage

Company Information

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Company Type Notes
Lake Morovia Blockade Fund Lake Morovia Blockade Fund Established in response to the Hammish Civil War, the Lake Morovia Blockade Fund - the third of the major pirate organizations which operate in the Strait of Haifa - serves to limit the flow of foreign goods, currency, and services into Lake Morovia, in central Keltia. In 37.67 PSSC the Blockade Fund defected from the Port of Jogi, to become the first company represented on the newly established Independent Port of Lake Morovia. Following the dissolution of Morovian control of the Independent Port in the 41.50s, the Lake Morovia Blockade Fund again re-located operations, this time to the General Port of Lake Morovia. Intelligence/Other
Gladeseed Farmers' Union Gladeseed Farmers' Union A collective of farmers and ranchers who specialize in the production of endemic crops and livestock, the Gladeseed Farmers' Union is the largest supplier of food to the Greater Morovian Independence Initiative Food
Atterian Cattle Drivers Atterian Cattle Drivers Company The Atterian Cattle Drivers Company oversee the extensive movement of livestock in the region surrounding Lake Morovia. Misc.
The Roving Wind Farm Corporation of Greater Attera The Roving Wind Farm Corporation of Greater Attera The Roving Wind Farm Corporation of Greater Attera provides for the electrical n1eeds of the people of Lake Morovia using their half dozen autonomous roving wind farms which operate across the region Misc.
Baratar Corporation Baratar Corporation The Baratar Corporation provides financial and material support for the operations of the Baratar, the official military branch of the Alperkin government. Misc.
Noctic Fleet Noctic Fleet The Noctic Fleet is a community of privateers ostensibly affiliated with the Alliance of Bassarid Oceans who specialize in smuggling Noctic-Rabrev products on behalf of Noctic-Rabrev farmers and merchants. Misc.
Keepers of the Bloodbaths of Laprind Keepers of the Bloodbaths of Laprind Located in the western reaches of the Western Highlands region of Alperkin, the Bloodbaths of Laprind are a series of temples where practitioners of the region's major native religion gather to bathe in pools of highly sulfuric water mixed with wine and animal blood. These pools, which are believed to have restorative properties, especially for those suffering the worst effects of Noctic-Vampirism, are maintained by an order of select priestesses known Keepers of the Bloodbaths of Laprind. Only a few highly noteworthy individuals are allowed to join this order, and in order to be admitted, they must appeal directly to the mercy of the Heavenlet itself. Misc.
Merchants of Manwine Jogiani Merchants of Manwine The Jogiani Merchants of Manwine is a loose organization of merchants who specialize in the sale of spiced and seasoned, fermented human blood and other bodily fluids Misc.

Price Data

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Lake Morovia Blockade Fund Currency 1.35/ Share 1.35/Share
Plunder 1.1/ Share 1.1/Share
Gladeseed Farmers' Union Rice 3/Share 3/Share
Edible Algae 7/Share 7/Share
Shrimp 5/Share 5/Share
Atteran Spicy Onion 6.5/Share 6.5/Share
Queen's Garlic 9/Share 9/Share
Baratar Corporation BT01 Rifle TBA/Share X
Q31 Spearhead TBA/Share X
Q31 Recon TBA/Share X
Lowland 9mm TBA/Share X
Q38.7 Sniper Rifle TBA/Share X
The Roving Wind Farm Corporation of Greater Attera Electricity 30Kw/Share 30/Share
Atterian Cattle Drivers Morovian Water Buffalo 1.3 Heads/Share 1.3/Share
Noctic Fleet Unprocessed Noctic-Rabrev Flower 2 lb/Share 2/Share
Processed Noctic-Rabrev Flower .75 lb/Share .75/Share
Noctic-Rabrev Flower Concentrate 1 oz/Share 1/Share
Unprocessed Noctic-Rabrev Leaf 5 lb/Share 5/Share
Processed Noctic-Rabrev Leaf 2.75 lb/Share 2.75/Share
Unprocessed Noctic-Rabrev Leaf Concentrate 2 oz/Share 2/Share
Processed Noctic-Rabrev Leaf Concentrate .75 oz/Share .75/Share
Jogiani Merchants of Manwine Manwine .69kl/Share .69/Share
Milkwine 2/Share 2/Share

Employment Reports