Gate Rumsɬæn-Maltenstein

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Gate Rumsɬæn-Maltenstein
Location Rumsɬæn, outer Maltenstein
Country Shireroth Shireroth
Code M
Volume 9.7 cubic metres
Opened 1698 (planned)
Operator Hurmu Gate Company
Network Active Gate Network

Gate Rumsɬæn-Maltenstein (Pr. Daron Rumsɬæn-Maltnsten), commissioned in 1692 AN for an opening in 1698 AN, is the terminal gate for The Imperial Republic of Shireroth. Construction for the gate facilities was awarded by the Landsraad to the Duchy of Brookshire and subcontracted to Consolidated-Meir Constructors.

Its location, outside of Maltenstein proper, was previously an agricultural estate under the lordship of the House of Rumsɬæn, but had become vacant during the Kalirion Fracture. It was subsequently taken over by the Lord Lieutenant to the Maltenstein Circle, then granted to Clan Ŝaġnaśei for the production of fodder. A portion of the estate remains dedicated to this purpose, with the majority turned over for the construction of barracks, light rail, and other support facilities.