Gasconiaans Plein (Sizhecheng)

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The welcoming of the the Danya Emperor. Triumphal Arch of Constantine dominates the square, while the delegation enters the city. The angels of victory face both northwards and southwards, while guarding the old entrance of the city.

The Gasconiaans Plein, or Gasconian Square, is a square in the City of Sizhecheng, located west of the Plaza of Unity. It is the central point of the Xianfa Avenue. The architect of the square, Frank Canard, erected the Triumphal Arch of Constantine in honour of the military victory of the Batavian Duke of Davignon at the Battle of Amorica, during the Gasconian War. Glorifying the Batavians' history was tolerated during the Danya and Xianfa Emperor's reigns, during which minorities received more liberty. Construction of its main monument began in 1638 AN and took 26 years to build. It was finally inaugurated in 1664 AN.

The surrounding houses were partly damaged and taken down after a fire. The architect Adolf Perrier redesigned those in a typical Batavian renaissance style at the end of the 17th century.



Triumphal Arch of Constantine