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The building of the Froyalan Tribunal

The Froyalan Tribunal was established in 1674 AN on the initiative of the Frankish emperor. This was heard in the speech at the unveiling of the Froyalan monument "Valfreyja". After the organization was set up and the initial inventory of the extent of the crimes, it became clear that the Froyalan Tribunal had a major job to do.

In 1677 AN the government decided to build a special building. The building for the Froyalan Tribunal was delivered in 1680 AN and opened by the Kaiser. The "Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard" was re-established by the Frankish government to guard the building and the staff of the Froyalan Tribunal.

The Froyalan Tribunal started with the legal proceedings on 16.VIII.1680 AN.


The Froyalan Tribunal is an independent judicial body that is independent of the judiciary in the Frankish Empire. The jurisdiction of the tribunal is focused on the Froyalanish genocide.

Chamber of Judges

The judges appointed are persons of high moral standing, who are impartial and with integrity for appointment to the highest positions in the judiciary of the Froyalan Tribunal. The judges form the Chamber of Judges, from which at least three judges are appointed for each case. A judgment is prepared by the entire Chamber of Judges, in which the three appointed judges have the most important share.

Prosecutor's Office

Eva von Babenberch

The Prosecutor is the head of the Prosecutor's Office. The Prosecutor's Office is the investigation office of the Tribunal, for possible support, the Prosecutor's Office works with the Frankish authorities. The prosecutor can start an investigation at the request of the Frankish government, based on a declaration or proprio motu.

Eva von Babenberch was appointed as Prosecutor on 16.VIII.1680 AN. She was already an interim prosecutor at the start of the first investigations.

Investigations and prosecutions

Not all ongoing investigations are known. In addition, the question is whether every investigation will be prosecuted.

The case of Villy

By the transfer of Villy Esposito in Frankish custody, an investigation was started into him.

The annulled marriage between Noah and Noor

At the prosecutor's initiative, an investigation was started into the legality of the annulled marriage between Noah and Noor.