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The Frenzy's Coat of Arms

The Frenzy is the unicameral legislature of Natopia. The Imperial Conference of Natopia was established in 1656 as a political, consultative, advisory council with limited legislative powers.


It is composed of no more than two representatives from each of Natopia's demesnes. Each demesne decides on its own how to select its representatives. A Chancellor is elected by a simple majority to preside and serves as Natopia's head of government, and a Speaker can be appointed by the Chancellor to preside as well.

Frenzy of 1651

Chancellor: Benjamin Meir
Speaker: Tinker Sprocket

Lord Erion, Representative from Arboria (I)
Isabella Kalirion, Representative from Arboria (I)
Li Naomiai, Representative from Elijah's Rest (I)
Dieter Lachsmann, Representative from the Viceroyalty of the Two Martys (I)
Christo Eucalyptos, Representative from Sororiya (I)
Ludovic Alixion-Verion, Representative from Alrodey (I)
Benjamin Meir, Representative from Thalassa (I)
Ryker, Representative from Neridia (I)
Kikāda Syveilu, Representative from Neridia (I)
King Noah, Representative from Uppland (I)
Princess Olympia, Representative from Klaasiya (I)


All legislative authority in Natopia is derived from the Frenzy which amends and adds sections to the Caprine Code, Natopia's combined legal code and constitution.

Library of Law

The Coat of Arms of the Speaker

The Library of Law is maintained by the Chancellor (usually delegated to the Speaker) and holds a record of all laws passed or failed, as well as transcripts of all debates, copies of all treaties passed by the Frenzy, as well as all Resolutions.


The Frenzy is Natopia's oldest legal institution, existing during and between periods of republican and monarchist governments. It was originally known as the Grand Natopian Senate, until it was remarked that bills and debates moved so quickly through the senate that it was a 'legislative frenzy.' The name was quickly codified as the official name of the legislature. Rules and procedures in the Frenzy are still such that bills can move through quickly, although certain procedures such as a mandatory 24 hour debate period, have been introduced to prevent corruption.

Imperial Conference

The Coat of Arms for the Imperial Conference, featuring a phoenix, the national bird