Free Republic of Adraisia

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Free Republic of Adraisia
Official language English
Capital Port Willian
Largest cities ???
Number of citizens 45
Number of active citizens ~10
Date founded ???
Government Athenian Democracy
Current leader

Daniel Scott

Currency ???
National animal ???
National fruit/food ???
National drink ???
Map versions 10.8- ???


Adraisia was formed from the remains of The Grand Presidential Duchy Of Paradisia. Paradisia had been an absolute Monarchy, and had had problems in its cultural activity. Adraisia was formed when the few members of Paradisia (and some of their friends) decided to start a nation whose government ran on Athenian Democracy. The idea succeeded, and in merely a few weeks, Adraisia had as much activity and citizens as Paradisia had managed to gain in a year.


The government of Adraisia is Athenian Democracy - more commonly known to micronationalists as "Timed Democracy". it is the system of ancient Athens where everyone has a say in the matters of the town, and votes on the matters concerning them. Of course, it is not compulsory to vote on every matter.

In addition to this, there are five Directors, who are elected yearly by the people. Each Director controls one Department, and is the authority on the specific thing their Department controls.

And to add to this, there is One Director General, who is the leader of Adraisia. He dosent have any real power - the title is just ceremonial, but he is still a figurehead for the nation. The Director General is elected yarly at the same time as the Governors of the Protectorates.


A protectorate is a nation that has ceded itself to the Republic. Once becoming a protectorate, the nation will have to abandon all titles it once had, and agree to its land being shown as Adraisian Protectorate Territorry. All this is outlined in the Treaty of Loyalty that the Protectorate will have to sign.

The leasder of a Protectorate is the Governor, and he is elected yearly at the same time as the Director General. Anyone from the nation can be a governor.


Absorbed because of its vast armada of weapons, Mercurisia is undoubtably the richest of our two protectorates. The Governor of Mercurisia is Daniel Scott (our current Director General), and although a few questions are being raised as to the abuse of his citizens, he is highly respected in all Departments.

Port William

Port William was established to ensure trade with Novasolan nations was possible. Since the Port was not to be used for residential means, and only as a Free Port for ships, it did not need to be very big. The Governor of Port William is William TOmsett, Director of Foreign Affairs.

Port Passey

While Port Passey is the newest of our Overseas Possessions on Giess, it is undoubtably the largest. Port Passey is located just above the south pole on the continent of Nova Scottia. It is used as an observation post and also as a residential and tourist center. The Governor of Port Passey is George Marchbank, Director Of War.


Paradisia is no longer a Protectorate of Adraisia. Further information can be obtained about the nation at the Paradisian Memorial Museum. All Paradisian land is now counted as Adraisian Mainland Territorry.