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Free Juice and Bagels Party

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Free Juice and Bagels Party
Party logo
Chairman Marco Lungo
Founded 12 Konil 1492
Headquarters Hazelwood, Flaventia
Political ideology Lindstromism, Progressivism, Monarchism, Social democracy, Pro-Raspur
Political position Left
Colours Chartreuse, White
Parliamentary seats
18 / 60

The Free Juice and Bagels Party (FJBP) is a political party founded on 12 Konil 1492 with the original and exclusive purpose of ensuring complimentary bagels and juice were available at all government events. Members are called Bagelcraticans. It soon evolved into a progressive political party and dominated early Natopian politics and foreign affairs with sister parties founded in Lavalon (The Progressive Bagelcratican Party) and Alrodria.



The original idea of a party based on the principles of free juice and bagels can be attributed to Ryan Grass of Natopia. Founded officially on May 24, 2004, by HSE Nathan Shepard in the Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia. The FJBP-Humor Group is established in the International Association, on May 24, 2004, in accordance with the Humor Initiative Act. On May 28, 2004, the term “bagelcratican” was coined by HSE Nathan Shepard to describe a member of the FJBP. On June 6, 2004, the official FJBP platform is created by HSE Nathan Shepard. On July 1, 2004, HG Tasneem Chowdhury was selected by the Party’s first Caucus to be first Chairwoman of the FJBP. HG Tasneem is also made chairwoman of the FJBP-Humor Group. On July 27, 2004, HSE Nathan Shepard founds the FJBP in the Republic of Lavalon. On July 29, 2004, Mathaeus H. Zeilavalone, Vice President of Lavalon, becomes the first Chairman of the Lavalon FJBP. On July 29, 2004, Emperor Zachary I, of the Empire of Alrodria, becomes the first Chairman of the Alrodria FJBP.

Outside Natopia

The Free Juice and Bagels Party is a truly unique micronational phenomenon. Founded in Natopia, the Party spread quickly to the International Association, the Republic of Lavalon, and the Empire of Alrodria. Largely humorous in nature, the party promotes the ideals of free juice and bagels at all state gatherings. Never a serious political force in Natopia, the Lavalonian incarnation of the FJBP, the Progressive Bagelcratican Party of Lavalon came to represent the left-leaning, progressive side of the nation. It was treated as an organ of the Natopian Government by its many opposition parties, and many claimed it's goal was to bring Lavalon under Natopian rule, due to the fact that the two Natopian Lavalonians were members of the PBP. Many may cite VUAS as proof of this goal, while others maintain it was "racism against Natopians."

Modern Party

After the collapse of VUAS, Natopia became a monarchy and the FJBP lost much of its power when political parties became largely irrelevant. FJBP remained in the background as more of a cultural relic than an active political ideology. With the resurgence of democracy in Natopia and some of its demesnes, the FJBP has returned to prominence, although its power base is mostly limited to those Natopian territories that were Natopian during the height of the party's influence, mostly Yellow Island and the Laval Peninsula.

Modern Bagelcraticans believe in strong a imperial government, limited but significant autonomy for demesnes, progressive social policies, civil rights, Natopian exceptionalism, equality of all sapient Micran races, social welfare, limited government-run food distribution (free juice and bagels).


One of the planks of the modern FJBP is an Anti-Vanicism. It is the belief of the Free Juice and Bagels Party that any relation to the Vanic nations is to be considered repugnant to the good, Bous-fearing people of Natopia.

Regional Parties

Various regions operate political parties that are affiliated with the Free Juice and Bagels Party.

  • Flaventian Bagelcratican Alliance
    • Free Juice and Bagels Party of Alrodey
    • Bagelcratican-Lindstromist Party of Ziegeland
    • Progressive Bagelcratican Party of Sororiya
    • Bagels & Turtles Party of Tas Neemia
  • Free Juice and Bagels Party of Dos Gardenias
  • Free Juice and Bagels Party of Klaasiya
  • Benacian Bagelcratican Party


The Free Juice and Bagels Party is also active in Elwynn among the Natopian diaspora there, especially in Normark (where it has parliamentary representation) and Leng (where it has seats in the local government), but is looking to expand to Iserdia where a sizeable Tapferite community exists.