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Fränkisches Reich
Frankish Empire
Imperium Francorum
Flag of Francia
Coat of Arms of Francia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Frank und Frei (frank and free)
Anthem: Kaiserhymne
Location of Francia
Map versions 9.4b – 16.6.4 (as Amokolia)
16.6.5 – 16.8.3b (as Francia on Benacia)
16.8.x (as Francia on the Arbor Isles)
Capital Brandenburg
Largest city Brandenburg
Official language(s) Germanian
Official religion(s)
Demonym Franconian, Frankish
 - Adjective Franconian, Frankish
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 - Kaiser von Francia Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy
 - Legislature Reichstag
Establishment 1504 AN as Amokolia
1678 AN as Francia
Area 64,368 km2
Population 65,057,092 (estimated)
Abbreviation FRC
Driving side right
Time zone(s) CMT+10
National website
National forum Forum of Francia
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

Francia, officially the Frankish Empire, (Germanian: Fränkisches Reich; Catologian: Imperium Francorum) is a sovereign nation located on the Arbor Isles, in the Eastern Ocean. Originally the Frankish Empire lay on the continent of Benacia, but after the disastrous year 1685 the Kaiser and his government fled to eventually continue the Frankish Empire on the Arbor Isles. A large part of the population fled to this new Francia.

The Frankish Empire pursues a strictly isolated policy. Access to the country is very limited. On an artificial island south of the capital Brandenburg, called 'Oyster Insel', there is an international port and airport. This is in fact the only gateway to the country. Any other way someone tries to enter the country is punishable by death.

The Arbor Islands are seen as lone and mysterious islands on Micras. The isolation policy of the Frankish Empire plays a role in that image, but in Micras' history the island hardly plays a role at all. In spite of this, Francia considers the earlier territory as lawful to the Kaiser, there is an exception on the territory under the Batavian flag as long as there is a Vinandy on the Lion Throne.