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Foreign relations of Calbion

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The foreign relations of Calbion are characterised by a deep mistrust of the intermicronational community, and a focus on self-reliance in an anarchic, unreliable world. Throughout its history, Calbion has seen several conflicts with neighbours such as Alexandria, Natopia and Jingdao due to the nation's insistence on an independent course between the main alliances on Micras. Notable conflicts incluede the Tractor incident, the Calbain Independence War and the Second Euran War. Although the nationalist government that ruled Calbion between 1685 and 1688 made some steps to establish relations with neighbouring countries, and the governments led by Llywelyn Lewis in the first half of the 17th century also displayed liberal characteristics, the incumbent conservative and realist government rejects international participation as a principle.

Categorisation of Nations

The Calbain government however distinguishes three groups of nations. The categorisation of these nation is mostly done because of reasons of opportunity. For instance, Natopia is widely regarded as a "cultural and historical enemy" of Calbion, but nevertheless remains classified in the Cymdogion category due to its regional influence and proximity.

The largest group is that of Y Lleill, nations with whom Calbion refuses any contact. Citizens of countries from this group also may not apply for visa and will be deported when attempting to cross the border. A second group of nations is known as the Cymdogion, these are nations that Calbion recognises as having some importance for the nation, but with whom the Calbain government does not have any official relations. Citizens from these countries may apply for visa, and diplomats may be allowed entry. States that fall in the category of Cymdogion are: Alduria-Wechua, Craitland, Mercury, Natopia and Shireroth. In addition, citizens from the Batavian region of Kasterburg may apply for visa, as well as citizens from Northern Elwynn. Thirdly, there is a category known as Gweddus. These nations are recognised as potentially decent. Though no diplomatic relations will be established, unofficial contact between these nations and the Calbain government may occur. Citizens may also apply for visa. The Kingdom of the South Sea Islands, which is also in this category, is the only nation with whom Calbion maintains official relations.

Foreign relations and visa policies

Country Category Visa requirement Notes
Arbor Arbor Gweddus Visa required
Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua Cymdogion Visa required
Bassarid Periphery Bassarid Periphery Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Bassarid Empire Bassarid Empire Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Batavia Batavia Cymdogion Visa required Batavia is generally regarded as positive though high scepticism exists over the role of the Radical party and ties to Jingdao and subversive international elements.
Constancia Constancia Y Lleill Travel prohibited Regarded as a front for Raspur-condoned destruction of the harmonious international order
Craitland Craitland Gweddus Visa required Viewed positively
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan Y Lleill Travel prohibited Regarded as a Natopian puppet state
Elwynn Elwynn Cymdogion Visa required Elwynnese government regarded as hostile, possibility for cooperation remains open in Chryse and the North
Floria Floria Y Lleill Travel prohibited Regarded as a failed state with a tendency of causing international uproar
Goëtia Goëtia Y Lleill Travel prohibited Considered a malaign presence on the Cibolan continent
Graecia Graecia Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Hexarchy Hexarchy Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Jääland Jääland Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Jingdao Jingdao Y Lleill Travel prohibited Frequent history of violence against the Calbain population
Kalgachia Kalgachia Gweddus Visa required
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Mercury Mercury Cymdogion Visa required No formal contact yet
Natopia Natopia Cymdogion Travel prohibited (except for diplomats) Regarded as a cultural and historical enemy. History of violent conflict and war between Calbion and Natopia. Natopia is considered a "morally subversive influence". However, Natopia remains a powerful player in the region and strategic partnerships on an informal level are not rejected beforehand.
Nova England Nova England Gweddus Visa required Regarded as friendly and share cultural similarities
Palesmenia Palesmenia Cymdogion Visa required
Ralgon Ralgon Y Lleill Travel prohibited Though not well regarded, might be strategically important due to close proximity
Ransenar Ransenar Cymdogion Visa required Cultural similarities but problematic government
Sanama Sanama Cymdogion Visa required
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands Gweddus Visa required Friendly relations
Sankt Ludwigshafen Sankt Ludwigshafen Gweddus Visa required Regarded as friendly neighbours
Sanpantul Sanpantul Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Senya Senya Gweddus Visa required
Shireroth Shireroth Cymdogion Visa required
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands Gweddus Visa required Friendly relations
Suren Confederacy Suren Confederacy Y Lleill Travel prohibited
Tellia Tellia Cymdogion Visa required
Thracistan Thracistan Cymdogion Visa required
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Y Lleill Travel prohibited Regarded as a criminal enterprise
West Skerry and Sri Pashana West Skerry and Sri Pashana Cymdogion Visa required