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|Consular representation in Merensk during the [[Kalirion Fracture]]. [[ESB Group|Mutual creditor]].
|Consular representation in Merensk during the [[Kalirion Fracture]]. [[Treaty of Merensk]]. [[ESB Group|Mutual creditor]].
|{{team flag|Vi'Ix}}
|{{team flag|Vi'Ix}}

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The coat of arms of the Department of State.

The diplomatic foreign relations of Alduria are conducted by the Department of State, headed by the Secretary of State. The Prime Minister and numerous other agencies and officials play a role in setting the foreign policy of the Republic of Alduria.


Aldurian Neutrality

Alduria has been neutral in international relations since its foundation. Its foreign policy declares the preservation of Alduria's independence and welfare its most important objective. Alduria holds to "armed neutrality" in which it deters aggression with a sizeable military while barring itself from foreign deployments.

Alduria avoids alliances that might entail military, political, or direct economic action. Only in recent years have the Aldurians broadened the scope of activities in which they feel able to participate without compromising their neutrality.

Alduria tries to maintain diplomatic relations with almost all countries, although many Micran nations remain uncontacted by Alduria. The country has no major dispute in its bilateral relations.


Department of State


Ambassadors and Diplomats

Aldurian Foundation

Embassies and Consulates

Foreign Relations of Alduria

Country Formal relations Informal relations Visa free travel History
Alperkin Alperkin No contact between Alperkin and Alduria.
Alrig Alrig Alrig and Alduria have exchanged ambassadors and enjoy a friendly relationship. Alrig helped lead international efforts and provided ample aid on their own to help many of the vulnerable Aldurian populations during the Aldurian water crisis. Alduria and Alrig are currently in negotiations for a Treaty, with greater cooperation among them envisaged in future agreements.
Antakia Antakia Anatakia's initial settlement near Alduria in Eura provoked the ire of Alduria as the new settlements would conflict directly with Aldurian regional designs, determining that the new country was a threat to Alduria's stability and independence. With its subsequent founding and settlement in central Eura instead, Alduria and Antakia have repaired relations and signed a Treaty of Non-Aggression and Friendship in 1674 AN. Negotiations for greater transport and commercial links between them are in progress.
Arcadia Arcadia
Batavia Batavia
Beneluccas Beneluccas No contact between Beneluccas and Alduria.
Birgeshir Birgeshir No contact between Birgeshir and Alduria.
Constancia Constancia Constancia and Alduria are close trade and regional (Eura) partners.
Craitland Craitland Craitland and Alduria are close trade partners.
Çeridgul Çeridgul The Çeridgul and Alduria are close trade and regional (Eura) partners.
Elwynn Elwynn Elwynn and Alduria maintain friendly relations. Both nations are currently negotiating a Treaty of Friendship (1673). Alduria maintains a positive view of Elwynn, dramatically improved by the attendance of the Elwynnese Prince to the inauguration of President Campos in 1672.
Florian Republic Florian Republic
Freeland Freeland Freeland and Alduria are close trade partners, with both nations being members of the Apollonian and Euran Economic Union.
Goëtia Goëtia No contact between Goëtia and Alduria.
Guttuli Protectorate Guttuli Protectorate Formal relations have been established between the Guttuli Protectorate and Alduria. Guttuli military advisors serve in Alduria to aid in the establishment of Alduria's armed forces.
Helderbourgh Helderbourgh No contact between Helderbourgh and Alduria. Alduria has a general positive view, due to Helderbourgh's membership in the Batavian Confederation.
Hoenn Hoenn Alduria and Hoeen have exchanged ambassadors and enjoy an amicable relationship.
Imperial Trade Union Imperial Trade Union ✓* Previous to the expansion of Bassarid piracy, no relations. Aldurian security concerns vis a vis Bassarid piracy led to Bassarid policies that protected Aldurian shipping in the high seas. In exchange, Alduria extends unilateral freedoms of navigation to Bassarid shipping to and from the Bassarid Euran possessions and aid in case of technical problems while transiting through the Nouradin river delta.
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia No contact between Inner Benacia and Alduria.
Iron Cult Iron Cult No contact between Iron Cult and Alduria.
Jezeraah Jezeraah No contact between Jezeraah and Alduria.
Jingdao Jingdao Jingdao and Alduria are close trade partners.
Juclandia Juclandia No contact between Juclandia and Alduria.
Kalgachia Kalgachia No contact between Kalgachia and Alduria.
Kasterburg Kasterburg No contact between Kasterburg and Alduria. Alduria has a general positive view, due to Helderbourgh's membership in the Batavian Confederation.
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria Krasnocoria and Alduria are close friends and trading partners. Early Krasnocorian investment in nascent Aldurian ventures served as a catalyst for higher economic growth in Alduria. Currently, a Treaty is being negotiated, but boith nations have exchanged ambassadors and have given each other an informal freedom of treansit and navigation to facilitate trade and cultural exchanges. Krasnocoria and Alduria have partnered in a joint venture to explore and exploit new hydrocarbon deposits.
Los Liberados Los Liberados No contact between Los Liberados and Alduria.
Lostisland Lostisland No contact between Lostisland and Alduria.
Mercury Mercury No contact between Mercury and Alduria.
Natopia Natopia Natopia and Alduria are close trade partners. Natopia is Alduria's largest trade partner, providing most of Alduria's key imports of food, water, clothing, medicine, and many other important goods and services. Huge amounts of foreign direct investment from Natopia into consumer goods, manufacturing, and hydrocarbon extraction and exploration have fueled Aldurian economic growth. Treaty between them has been signed, currently under going ratification process in both nations (1673).
Norrland Norrland No contact between Norrland and Alduria.
Nova England Nova England No contact between Nova England and Alduria.
Pacificonia Pacificonia No contact between Pacificonia and Alduria.
Palesmenia Palesmenia Informal trade and diplomatic relations have been established. Negotiations underway for a Treaty between both nations (1673).
Phinbella Phinbella No contact between Phinbella and Alduria.
Phokland Phokland Phokland and Alduria are close regional (Eura) and trade partners.
Ralgon Ralgon No contact between Ralgon and Alduria.
Réunion Réunion No contact between Réunion and Alduria.
Saint-Antoine Saint-Antoine No contact between Saint-Antoine and Alduria.
Senya Senya Senya and Alduria are close friends and trade partners.
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation No contact between the Sovereign Confederation and Alduria.
Shireroth Shireroth Informal relations prior to the Kalirion Fracture. Status of current relations is unknown.
Srbozemska Srbozemska No contact between Srbozemska and Alduria.
Stormark Stormark No contact between Stormark and Alduria.
Tellia Tellia No contact between Tellia and Alduria.
Thracistan Thracistan Prior to the Thraci coup d'etat and its civil war, Thracistan and Alduria were close partners as members of the Apollonian and Euran Economic Union.
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Consular representation in Merensk during the Kalirion Fracture. Treaty of Merensk. Mutual creditor.
Vi'Ix Vi'Ix No contact between Vi'Ix and Alduria.
Wechua Wechua The Wechua Nation and Alduria share a close friendship and partnership. A large part of the Wechua diaspora is an integral part of Alduria. Alduria has provided strong material and financial support to the Wechua Nation, and to its restored Government under Manco Capac.
Xang Muang Xang Muang No contact between Xang Muang and Alduria.