Fono le Lusa Vaetalo

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Lusa FLV
Founded 2012
Headquarters Lusa'aii, Lucerne
FMF affiliation 2012
AEFA affiliation 2012–14
CTFA affiliation 2014
President Petana Faiumu

The Fono le Lusa Vaetalo, more commonly referred to as the FLV, is the governing body for association football in Lusa; previously known as Lucerne.

The FLV is responsible for the management of the Lega ona FLV, Ipa onalu Nuu and the Governor's Trophy, as well as the organisation of the national team. The FLV is a member of the FMF and the CTFA, and its President is Petana Faiumu.


The Lucerne FA was founded in 2012 after Mercurians first settled on Lucerne. In 2014, the Association was renamed the Fono le Lusa Vaetalo in a move to better reflect the local culture.

The Lucerne national football team have participated in the FMF World Cup qualification competition on two occasions, finishing bottom of their group both times. In 2013, Lucerne finished with no points and a goal difference of −51, including a world record 16–0 defeat to Novatainia.In 2014, the team's fortunes improved slightly, as they managed to gain one point with a draw against Beaulosagñe, but still finished with a goal difference of −48, scoring only one goal in the entire campaign.

In 2015, Lucerne will participate in the CTFA groups, after the team switched confederations as part of the FMF's reorganisation.

From mid-2017, the FLV's affiliate was renamed to Lusa, with the Lusa national football team continuing Lucerne's record.


The FLV is responsible for the organisation of the following competitions:

Lucian clubs also participate in the MeFA Minor Cup. From 2014, one Lucian club will participate in the Mercury FA Cup each year.

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