Florian Super Cup

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Florian Super Cup
Countries Florian Republic Florian Republic
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2017
Number of teams 2
Current champions Florian Republic Northcliff United
Most titles Florian Republic Northcliff United (3)
Television broadcasters FBC Sport
2019 Florian Super Cup

The Florian Super Cup is a competition featuring the winner of Super League Football and the Florian Cup. If the Florian Cup winner also won Super League Football, then the runner-up of Super League Football is invited. It is the official curtain-raiser to the Florian Football Season.



Season Winners Score Runners-up Venue Attendance Notes
2017 Northcliff United 3 – 0 Dragonmoor FC* Florian Republic Northcliff Arena 67,715 *As RB Dragonmoor
2018 Northcliff United 3 – 1 (a.e.t.) Ostville Wednesday Florian Republic Red Bear Park 56,004
2019 Northcliff United 1 – 0 Ostville Wednesday Florian Republic Ostville City Stadium 29,865

Results by clubs

Club Won Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
Northcliff United 2 0 2017, 2018 N/A
Dragonmoor FC 0 1 N/A 2017
Ostville Wednesday 0 1 N/A 2018