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Florian Republic Florian Republic
Logo of the Florian Republic national football team
Nickname(s) The Red Army
Association Florian Football Association
FMF member 2017–
Confederation AEFA
Head coach Russal Jordan
Captain Cristiano Ramirez
Most caps Patrick Marshall
Top scorer Cristiano Ramirez
Home stadium Sports City
FMF code FLO
First FMF intermicronational
Florian Republic Florian Republic 0–0 Ranentsi Ranentsi
Biggest win
Florian Republic Florian Republic 8–0 Florian Eura Florian Eura
Biggest defeat
Senya Senya 4–0 Florian Republic Florian Republic
FMF World Cup
Appearances 1 (First in 2019)
Best result Quarter-finals
Copa Apollonia
Appearances 1 (First in 2018)
Best result Third place

The Florian Republic national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of the Florian Republic. It is a member of the AEFA, and is run by the Florian Football Association.


The team was founded in 2017 after the Florian Republic's Micrasian claim was successful. Later in the year, the team competed in the inaugural Devon Shield, where they finished in third place after losing 2–0 to Vyktory in the fourth round.

The team competed, after winning the Florian Peace Cup, in the 2018 Copa Apollonia qualification rounds, where they finished second in their six-team group with 21 points to advance to the playoffs, where they beat Arboria 6–1 on aggregate to qualify for their first finals. At the Copa Apollonia, the team performed well and topped their four-team group unbeaten with seven points before losing to Senya 2–0 in the semi-finals, but beat Lamantia 1–0 to secure third place.

In the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, the team went unbeaten as they topped their five-team group with 22 points and qualified for their first ever FMF World Cup finals. The team's good form continued into the finals, as they advanced from their group in second place with seven points and defeated Shireroth on penalties in the play-off round before heavily losing to Senya in the quarter-finals.

The team won the inaugural AEEU Nations Cup ahead of the 2020 Copa Apollonia qualification rounds, beating Freeland in the final.

Chronological competitive participation


No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Tom Ward 22 Florian Republic Northcliff United
2 3DF Stewart Florian 25 Mercury May Wanderers
3 3DF Nathan Wallace 23 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
4 3DF Tom Wight 22 Craitland Biulya äqi Jedu FC
5 3DF Derek Campos 24 Florian Republic Northcliff United
6 5MF Brandon Gray 23 Florian Republic Ostville Wednesday
7 7FW Ronald Vega 22 Senya Jogasim Rovers
8 5MF Andrew Lycett 24 Florian Republic Ostville Wednesday
9 7FW Cristiano Ramirez 22 Florian Republic Northcliff United
10 7FW Llewelyn Wyn-Jones 28 Florian Republic Westlake Town
11 7FW Sam Butcher 20 Florian Republic Dragonmoor FC
12 1GK Patrick Marshall 27 Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC
13 3DF Wyn Gwyn 24 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
14 3DF Chris Kent 23 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
15 3DF Nicholas Evans 24 Florian Republic Northcliff United
16 5MF Rhys Chase 20 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
17 5MF Ryan Clark 21 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
18 5MF Liam Morgan 23 Craitland Cherry Trees FC
19 5MF Scott Dier 24 Florian Republic Stonehall Hotspur
20 7FW Owen Baine 20 Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC
21 1GK Lewis Cole 23 Florian Republic Westlake Town
22 7FW Lewis Robertson 23 Florian Republic Dragonmoor FC
23 7FW Ben Wilson 22 Florian Republic Northcliff Cowboys
24 7FW Alex Sanchez 23 Florian Republic Northcliff Football Club


Kit history

Used for friendlies from June to August 2017.
Used for the Devon Shield and onward until the end of 2017.
Used for the 2018 Copa Apollonia
Used for 2019 friendlies
2020 Primary kit

Kit manufacturer

Year Kit Manufacturer
2017 EV2
2018– Tick

Coaching staff

Head Manager Florian Republic Russal Jordan
Assistant Manager Florian Republic Joshua Wright
Goalkeeping Coach Florian Republic Patrice Gauthier
Technical Director Florian Republic Li Fang
Team Doctor Florian Republic Owen Russell
Physician Florian Republic Will Jordan
Chief Press Officer Florian Republic Mark Tanner


Kingdom of Coria

The Florian Republic has a fierce football rivalry with the Kingdom of Coria. This rivalry stems from historical and political roots in the past such as the War of Lost Brothers and Nohavland Crisis. Both sets of fans during the match set off flares and violence has broken out many times. The two nations have met twice with both teams winning one game. The derby is widely known as the Lost Brothers Derby.



The Florian Republic has used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2017 2017–
Florian Republic
Florian Republic

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